15 May, 2008 - Published 15:52 GMT

In pictures: An Amazon trip

Mount Roraima

Mount Rorarima is where Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela meet

deforested area in Amazon

This deforested area on the Peruvian part of the Amazon was cleared for cattle

legal logging in French Guiana

French Guiana has a legal logging system in place

The Iwokrama centre in Guyana's interior

In Guyana, the Iwokrama Centre trains and leads on sustainable development

boat on Kruyama river (photo by Steven Van Frederikslust)

It takes hours to travel down the Kruyama river into Suriname's interior

Brokopondo Hydropower area (photo by Steven Van Frederikslust)

Suriname is using existing infrastructure to develop hydropower as an alternative

man washing gold (photo by Steven Van Frederikslust)

Gold mining - legal and illegal - brings together miners from Suriname and Brazil