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BBC Caribbean News in Brief
New Belize government sets priorities

In Belize, new Prime Minister Dean Barrow leads his United Democratic Party into office this week.

They won a convincing victory over ex-prime minister Said Musa's People's United Party in elections last Thursday.

The results were announced on Friday. Mr Barrow also took the aoth of office the same day.

The Dean Barrow cabinet will be unveiled today ahead of the swearing-in tomorrow.

Prime Minister Barrow told BBC Caribbean that his priorities are to lower the cost of living and have a national consultation on the country’s budget.

USVI Democrats for Obama

Barack Obama overwhelmed Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Virgin Islands' Democratic Party caucus on Sunday to win the six at-large delegates available in the contest.

Barack Obama
USVI Democrats overwhelmingly back Obama

That came as Mr Obama won three more states in his battle with Mrs Clinton to become the Democratic Party's candidate for the American presidency.

The USVI will have 12 delegates casting nine votes at the Democratic National Convention in Colorado in August.

While six votes are already confirmed for Mr Obama, the other three are uncommitted.

As in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands residents can vote in U.S. primaries but not in presidential elections.

Republicans in the Virgin Islands pick convention delegates April 5.

Puerto Rico, where islanders vote overwhelmingly Democratic, will hold its Democratic caucus for 63 delegates on June 9.

Dominica government defends oil refinery

The Dominica government says the islands tourism sector has nothing to be worried about over plans by Venezuela to build an oil refinery on the island.

It's estimated to cost 80 million US dollars.

Dominica is marketed as the Nature Island of the Caribbesn and the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) says it is "alarmed" at the prospect of an oil refinery there.

It's also worried about the impact this will have on jobs in the country's tourism industry.

Stating that it's firmly against the idea, the DHTA says an oil refinery on the Nature Island, regardless of its location, would destroy the country's image and hurt its tourism industry.

But the Dominica government says that's not the case.

The country's Ambassador to Venezuela, Lennox Lawrence points to oil installations in Barbados and St Lucia – close to tourism sites - to make his point.

He said the refinery project is not in conflict with the country’s eco-tourism policy.

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