29 November, 2007 - Published 11:39 GMT

Open verdict in Woolmer inquest

Jamaican police say the Bob Woolmer case will remain closed even though an inquest jury failed to decide on the cause of death of the former Pakistan cricket coach.

The jury recorded an open verdict after hearing from more than 50 witnesses over five weeks.

Bob Woolmer died after being found unconscious in his Jamaica hotel room in March, after his team's early exit from the cricket World Cup.

Police initially suspected murder, based on a local pathologist's findings.

But they eventually said Woolmer died of natural causes in line with the conclusions of international specialists.

The inquest was expected to determine the cause of death of the former England cricketer, who was 58.

No Plans

But the jury foreman said the evidence presented was weak and the panel could not decide whether Woolmer died as a result of murder, natural causes or an accident.

"There were too many ifs and buts and what ifs. It just was not conclusive," said the foreman, who asked not to be identified.

Jamaica's deputy Police Commissioner, Mark shields, said there were no plans to reopen the case.

He said: "The (police) did a most thorough investigation. We interviewed over 400 people and collected over 200 witness statements, but ultimately it was left to the coroner to decide and now this matter is over."