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Last updated: 20 July, 2007 - Published 20:01 GMT
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Corbin still PNC top man
Robert Corbin PNC leader
Robert Corbin's leadership of the PNC is under severe threat
Leader of Guyana's main opposition party the People's National Congress, Robert Corbin, has been returned unopposed to the top post.

This was just one of the key issues at the party’s annual congress, this year’s being described possibly the most crucial in a long time.

Among the more contentious issues is how the party moves forward after it suffered its worse defeat in a general election in its 50 year history.

There has been more public interest in this congress than in any other in recent times as Mr Corbin's position was considered doubtful.

But his two main leadership challengers backed down at the last minute.

 The PNC has greater challenges ahead
Robert Corbin, PNC leader

Mr Corbin had stated that there were many issues more important than who leads the party which needed to be addressed.

“The PNC has greater challenges ahead …such as the party repositioning itself to deal with the excesses of the Jagdeo administration,” he said.

However there remains some disquiet, especially among some leadership aspirants, about the current electoral procedures within the PNC.

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