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Last updated: 24 November, 2006 - Published 16:43 GMT
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Tosh guitar sale off

The M16-shaped guitar (image: courtesy Yardflex)
Peter Tosh's iconic guitar-gun was given to him by a fan
The controversial auctioning of a gun-shaped guitar which belonged to the late Jamaican reggae star Peter Tosh, has been called off.

The M16 rifle-shaped guitar was due to have been posted on internet auction site Ebay on Monday (November 27) by the film production company Flashpoint Films.

But it was withdrawn a day earlier under a cloud of doubt over its ownership.

In a statement Sunday Flashpoint films, which is hosting a film festival in Jamaica this week, said this pulling the guitar from the auction was mainly due to a legal claim disputing the current ownership of the instrument.

It says this "made it impractical to proceed with the auction."

Flashpoint also says that it believes the timing of this dispute is unfortunate and stresses that it has "never asserted ownership of the guitar and is therefore not involved in the dispute."

The statement points out that the company's involvement "was to facilitate the auction of the guitar on behalf of Andrea (Marlene) Brown, Peter Tosh's common-law wife."

It also claims that part of the proceeds of the auction were to go to Jamaica's Cedar Valley Home and the rest would fund a new charity being set up by Marlene Brown to help underprivileged children and the elderly in Jamaica.

 Impractical to proceed with the auction.
Paul Bucknor, Flashpoint Films

Flashpoint had previously told BBC Caribbean that the guitar should stay in Jamaica and be available to the viewing public.

Flashpoint's director Paul Bucknor said they hope that the family can resolve this issue amicably and that his company will still be able to showcase the guitar at the film festival.

The guitar was given to Peter Tosh in 1983 by a fan who claimed he was inspired by Peter Tosh hit song Coming Hot.

The song was a Peter Tosh rallying cry against wrongdoing in which the poor and downtrodden were the victims.

Upon receiving the guitar he said he would use it as his musical weapon.

The M16 rifle-shaped guitar - also called the Steppin' Razor guitar - featured on many of Peter Tosh's performances until he was killed in 1987.

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