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A little bit about us
(l-r) Debbie Ransome, Ken Richards, Bertram Niles, Mike Jarvis, Marie-Claire Williams
BBC Caribbean Service team

The core team of BBC Caribbean is to be found at the historic home of the BBC’s World Service at Bush House. But, our extended team includes the region’s top journalists across the Caribbean and in the US.

As part of the BBC World Service, the world’s largest international radio broadcaster, BBC Caribbean also taps into the corporation’s unbeatable string of correspondents across the world.

So, a trade story can start in one of the Eastern Caribbean territories, be followed through to a trade official in Brussels of Geneva, and be given that all-important context through a correspondent in Africa or the Pacific. That’s what being part of the BBC newsgathering family means for the Caribbean Service.


In turn, Caribbean stringers are often asked to put the region on the world map when they’re called up by World Service newsgathering teams to provide coverage of a big local event.

The Caribbean stream of BBC World Service in English can be heard on FM in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbados. Selected programmes can also be heard through 48 partner stations across the Caribbean and in Washington. The BBC Caribbean audience in the region is just over one million people.

It also has a growing audience from the large Caribbean diaspora in many parts of the world.


The programmes (all times are Eastern Caribbean time first, then GMT):

BBC Caribbean Report
– morning drive-time edition 0706 1106 (five minutes Mon-Fri)

BBC Sports Caribbean- 0711, 1111 (ten minutes Mon-Thu, five minutes on Friday)

BBC Caribbean Magazine- 0716, 1116 (15 minutes - Fridays only)

BBC Caribbean Report
– evening drive-time 1715, 2115 (15 minutes Mon-Fri)

Online, the Service brings together the Caribbean and its diaspora for lively debate.

Popular topics have included the debate over passa passa, the future of West Indies cricket, and dual passports for Caribbean citizens.

Contact us:

• Tel: +44-207-557-1090/1
• E-mail:

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