Towards a Sustainable BBC - Helping to safeguard our environment and become a world leader in sustainable production

Almost everything the BBC does impacts on our fragile environment - we consume energy and water and contribute to carbon emissions through travel and other business activity.
So you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the BBC is committed to playing its part in reducing those impacts as much as it can, and always looking to use its resources responsibly.

But we want to do much more. Our ambition is to become the world leader in sustainable production and broadcasting.

We took part in a Twitter Q&A to explain the work our team does and how the BBC is a responsible employer. Have a look at the BBC Sustainability Q&A.

The Difference

To help us get there, we have a sustainability strategy known as The Difference. It supports our aim to embed sustainability within every aspect of our work. Alongside The Difference is a set of targets which help us focus on reducing the BBC’s overall environmental impact - our energy use and CO2 emissions, water consumption, as well as CO2 from transport and waste.

Of course we will only achieve our ambition by working with our own people, our suppliers and, increasingly, with the wider industry to embed sustainability into our everyday activities. We aspire to make thinking sustainably simply 'what we do'. That’s a big challenge and we won’t get there overnight. We need like-minded people in the BBC – in production jobs and elsewhere - to help us on the journey. Perhaps you’re one of them!

Towards greener TV: albert+

We’re proud of the role we’re playing to bring together the wider industry in sustainable TV production. In 2010 we developed albert, the world’s first TV production carbon calculator, which is now shared with the whole UK broadcast industry. Now we’re developing albert+, which builds on the carbon emissions data albert provides, and helps production teams find ways to make their programmes more sustainably. What’s more, as thinking and acting sustainably can often save money, that’s also good news for licence fee payers.

Find out more

Visit the BBC Sustainability site for more about The Difference, our environmental targets, albert+, and the BBC’s wider industry role as a leading member of the BAFTA albert consortium and watch this video to find out more about sustainable production.

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