The Technology, Distribution & Archive Division is responsible for the BBC's technology strategy and services, the transmission of BBC programmes to audiences, and the management of the BBC's historic archive. 

Our staff include engineers, project managers, developers, contract managers, information architects, media managers, and people of many other disciplines, all dedicated to keeping the BBC on air 365 days of the year and at the cutting edge of broadcast technology.

We support the wide-ranging technology needs of BBC staff in the UK and abroad, helping them to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible. We manage the contracts with the BBC's various technology and transmission suppliers. And working closely with all other parts of the BBC, we are constantly seeking to anticipate future trends, foster innovative programme making, and deliver the best value from the technologies we invest in.

The BBC is never standing still"

Adrian Poole, Technology Controller

We work to minimise our impact on the environment through the possibilities provided by technology. And we preserve the BBC’s heritage through the care and digitisation of the archive.

To work in BBC Technology is to support one of the world’s largest broadcast technology infrastructures. We are looking for people who want to work in a dynamic ever changing environment, focussed on delivering exceptional results.


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