Software Engineering

We want to transform the BBC for an interactive, on-demand world and find new ways of reaching audiences wherever they are, with new formats across PC, TV, mobile devices and gaming platforms like Xbox and PS3. You’ll help do that by building well-known and loved services like the Olympics, iPlayer and Red Button on TV, mobile and tablet, but also future services including a connected Red Button and companion apps. You’ll also act as a central point of contact between the BBC and the TV device and software industry, presenting a single technical face to OEMs and platform providers.

Our work will shape the entire broadcasting industry, globally. To play your part in this you’ll need experience in two of the following (and the ability to rapidly acquire new software skills): Java, C++, C# (used on the Xbox version of iPlayer, complete with voice and gesture control), HTML 5 / JavaScript / CSS (used for web applications embedded on devices), Flash ActionScript 2 & 3, MHEG-5, and Ruby. You’ll also need knowledge of internet protocols and technologies, a solid grounding in OOP, an understanding of design patterns, and an appreciation of good user experience. With your track record of producing maintainable code within collaborative environments, you’ll have experience of working iteratively on continuous integration environments, and be passionate about TDD, BDD and pair programming. 

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