CV & Application Tips

Gweld y testun isod yn Saesneg / View the text below in Welsh

We receive a lot of applications, so it’s important you make yours stand out. With that in mind, we’ve put together these hints and tips:

  • Be concise and ensure your information has an impact
  • Keep it simple and clear – you can always elaborate at the interview
  • Analyse the job description – read the job description, identify which relevant skills, experience and competencies you have.  If you don’t, consider other experiences that could be appropriate
  • Read the application questions carefully – take time to think about each question and add your personality to your answer
  • Summarise your key achievements at the top of your CV
  • Don’t have any unexplained gaps on your application. If you have had a career break or have been travelling, let us know
  • Academic and professional qualifications should flow in a logical order
  • Check your application before submitting. Check spelling and get a friend or family member to read through if it helps

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