2012 - London Apprenticeships

The BBC 2012 – London Apprenticeships scheme is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start a career in the media.

You will have the chance to work across the BBC and independent production companies for a year, and your experience – together with training and study at Westminster Kingsway College – will add up to all the skills and knowledge you need for a Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship Level 3.  

As London gears up for the Olympics, we want to train up a whole new group of people to work on our programmes

If you are passionate about the media, and 100 per cent committed to becoming an apprentice full time for a year, then this could be for you.  And you don’t have to have a lot of experience or qualifications.

What is an Apprentice?

An Apprentice is someone who is there to learn as well as to work. Your duties could range from providing general admin support to a production team, to booking equipment, arranging meetings, helping on shoots and maybe doing basic research. We will give you training and support to achieve your goals – and you’ll gain a qualification at the end of it, as well as hands on experience in television and online.

You will be paid an apprenticeship wage of £11,000 a year.

Work, Training and Study

You will study at Westminster Kingsway College and receive skills training at the BBC in West London.  You’ll work with teams making TV programmes and websites for the BBC and Independent production companies.

What work will I do?

You will be helping programme-making teams, through admin support and office duties, as well essential tasks like taking tapes and equipment from one location to another. You might book travel, arrange meetings, hire props, help on shoots, process expenses and maybe do some basic research as well. You’ll be the person teams rely on for help in any situation – and we’ll make sure you are able to learn, develop and study as well.

Where will I be working?

You will be placed on programmes and support teams for the BBC at one of our London bases (in W12, W1 and Elstree) or at an independent production company, also in London.  We currently have placements at Endemol, Shine, Talkback and Maverick.

To find more important infromation about the BBC 2012 London Apprenticeships, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

More About 2012 London Apprenticeships

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