The BBC is one of the biggest names internationally for radio, television and online content. We are looking for the next generation of talent to keep it at its best. We want people with fresh ideas, who ultimately want a career in the industry.

We are committed to apprenticeships and throughout 2014 there will be lots of new opportunities across a variety of areas. So, your career starts here!

Learn or earn?
With a BBC Apprenticeship you can do both.

What are we looking for?
To be a BBC apprentice you need to:

- Not have a degree
- Be passionate about broadcasting and the media 
- Be interested in one of our opportunities

We are looking for all sorts of people from a variety of backgrounds. If you thought the BBC wasn't for you – think again!

What will I do?
We offer fantastic opportunities which can include:

- A 12 month fixed term contract at the BBC
- Completing a formal learning course leading to an apprentice qualification
- Work placements across the BBC (and sometimes with our industry partners) to gain experience on the job

What will I get?
As if that wasn't enough, you also get:

- An apprentice salary
- A formal apprentice qualification
- A CV full of work experience in the media and great networking contacts

What are the current and upcoming opportunities?

Legal Apprenticeship - open now

Local Apprenticeship - open now

Business Management Higher Apprenticeship - open now

We'll be arranging some Twitter events in the near future, so please follow @BBCTrainees for the latest news and application tips.

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