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This scheme is not currently recruiting. Follow @BBCTrainees for up to date information about individual schemes.

Extend is a BBC-wide placement scheme which offers appropriately experienced and/or qualified disabled people a great opportunity to gain six months paid work within the BBC. We have many challenging and imaginative placements across the country, in both programming and support areas.

Over the last 18 years, Extend has recruited 628 disabled people. Although there is no guarantee of a full-time job at the end of the 6 month placement, last year over 75% of the Extendees gained further work at the BBC.

Please read our Extend FAQs to check your eligibility to apply for this scheme.

Extend has recently been recognised by Personnel Today and RIDI, winning awards for Diversity in the Workplace.

What will Extendees get from the BBC?

  • A salary of £20,800 per annum (pro rata) for placements outside London and £25,205 per annum (pro rata) for London placements
  • Practical skills and knowledge from working alongside experienced people across the BBC
  • Direct support from BBC host managers and a personal mentor from the Extend Scheme
  • A work plan with set objectives and periodic reviews
  • An understanding of broadcasting from the world's most respected broadcaster

What will Extendees need to bring to the BBC?

  • Relevant experience, subject to the placement description and criteria
  • An ability to work co-operatively within a team
  • Enthusiasm, creativity and a positive attitude
  • Confident and effective communication skills, regardless of disability
  • A keen interest in BBC output including TV, Radio and Online

What's on offer?

Applications for the placements starting 5th October 2015 are closed.

More information

You can apply for a maximum of two placements from all the positions on offer. You will need to complete an online application in BBC Careers Hub for each placement you apply for. Your Careers Hub profile from your first application will be saved. If you need a paper form to be sent to you, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Closing date for applications is no later than 10th May 2015.

We are committed to making reasonable adjustments wherever necessary. We regularly audit our systems and buildings to ensure accessibility for all staff and visitors with disabilities. We have our own BBC Disability Access Service that provides assessments and support for disabled people throughout the recruitment process and during their employment with us.

Contact us

If you wish to join the Extend distribution list please email us at extendplacementscheme@bbc.co.uk

You can also follow @BBCTrainees on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

If you have any questions, please get in touch:

Phone: 0370 333 1330

Textphone: 02890 328478

Email: recruitment@bbc.co.uk

Recruitment BBC HR Direct

PO Box 1133



Good luck!

The Extend Team

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