Assistant Producer

Rikki Singh

Assistant Producer (AP) is a very broad job title covering varying roles across BBC Radio and TV. Many APs will have graduated from the role of Researcher and may be aspiring Producers or PDs – Producer-Directors.

APs help create items for radio or TV - and often are involved every step of the way from pitching and ideas, to sitting in the edit with their producer and editor.

After pitching or being assigned an item the AP might develop the piece with a researcher. They could have a hand in booking contributors, experts, celebrities, locations, props, equipment and crew depending on what is required. They will be resourceful and keep the programme budget in mind. After initial research and planning, APs could be scripting and directing items, some are also directly involved in the recording/filming element. Knowledge of BBC Producers Guidelines, media law and Editorial Guidelines is very important.

The job can include long hours and time pressures but an AP will be in a position to understand the true essence of what makes their production tick. This, teamed with using creativity and working in a team, means for a highly varied, exciting and rewarding job.


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