BBC Scotland is proud to play a big role in Scottish life by producing excellent, original local journalism in News and Sport and delivering the best coverage of stories on radio, television and online.

BBC Scotland is responsible for providing world-class programmes and content across the whole range of genres on radio, television and new media platforms, both in Scotland and for audiences across the UK.

To achieve this, we employ more than 1,200 highly talented and creative people in a diverse range of roles across production, editorial, business administration and craft operations.

We have production centres in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Stornoway, with several other smaller sites across Scotland. Our Glasgow headquarters at Pacific Quay on the banks of the River Clyde is the first digital end-to-end broadcasting centre in the UK.

Our famous radio programmes including Good Morning Scotland and Newsdrive, deliver daily national and international news stories to our audiences. Call Kaye and John Beattie bring a human touch to the stories making the news, while Off the Ball offers a satirical look at the week’s football highlights.

Our popular weekly drama River City, which is filmed at our drama studio in Dumbarton, is now in its ninth year and is particularly popular with younger audiences, who also enjoy our home-grown comedies Gary: Tank Commander, Limmy’s Show! and Burnistoun.

We also have a strong presence in Network television programming across all genres with Scottish-produced programmes including Weakest Link, The Culture Show, Nina and the Neurons and Waterloo Road.

Online, we produce the hugely popular and long-running educational service Bitesize, which continues to make a real and positive impact on the lives of children and young adults across the UK.

Based at City Halls in the heart of Glasgow, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra takes an incredible range of live music to towns and cities across Scotland.

We are also committed to providing quality Gaelic content on radio, television and online through a partnership with MG Alba. Well-known programmes include 'An La', 'Eorpa' and 'De A Nis'. BBC ALBA’s availability on Freeview has now increased its weekly audience to over 500,000 viewers.


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