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We know that it can be difficult to know where to start as you think about your career and we know that competition is high so new opportunities are not always easy to come by.  In this environment, it’s really important that you make time to focus on your next steps and we want to do what we can to help you.

There are several places you could start.

Learn about the industry

Have a look at the BBC Academy website.  There is so much information here about working in Journalism, Production, Technology and Broadcast media in general. You’ll find job profiles, skills tips, and a whole host of fascinating information about the industry.  It’s for you whether you’re starting out or whether you already have a lot of experience behind you.

Make new contacts, create your CV or online profile and get ready for interview

The Gateway site Career Support (this is a Gateway link) is where you will find online advice on how you can create a good online profile, sharpen up your interview skills and get to know people in or outside the BBC who may be able to help you. 

Building contacts in places where you are interested in working is really helpful way of finding out more about these areas. We’ve got all sorts of ideas for internal and external opportunities to get to meet people.

There are lots of useful external and internal links on this site, so make it a place where you browse.

Talk through your career plans with someone

Just taking some time to think about what you want and what new experiences and skills you need will be a great start. You could find someone to talk to (this is a Gateway link), for example your line manager, and plan what you need to do next. 

Attend a training course

There is a catalogue of training courses (this is a Gateway link), which you can search to see if there is training that will help you develop your skills.  We offer world class training to help you learn new skills or brush up on the latest techniques and trends – take advantage of it. 

Specially on career matters, this catalogue includes courses on exploring your future career options, interview skills, CV/online profile skills and how to increase your professional contacts.

Apply for an advertised vacancy in the BBC

The BBC Careers Hub is the new recruitment system which allows you to build your own career profile easily, search for relevant roles and utilise our resources section which includes video, audio and tools to support your application. Recruiters will be able to search the system for candidates suitable for internal jobs, attachments and production roles, so as a BBC employee it is vital that you register and create your profile.

Have a short ‘taste’ of another job

If you’re looking to get some experience of another department, find out what another job really involves or simply learn some new skills; we recommend applying for a short-term attachment, job-swap scheme or work shadowing. (These are Gateway links)

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