Trainee Schemes FAQs

Will I be paid while I’m on my trainee scheme?

Many of the BBC’s trainee schemes do offer a salary. Visit the website of the scheme you’re interested in for more details.


Is there a long-term career for me at the BBC?

We hope so! Many of our managers and programme makers started their careers on BBC trainee schemes.

It is a great place to start.

Our hope is that you'll gain the skills, experience and confidence to get the job you want at the BBC.


Can I apply for BBC Trainee Schemes if I am not a UK resident?

You can apply if you have the right to work in the UK. However we will not be able to cover any travel or living expenses that you might incur.


What is the likelihood of me being accepted onto my chosen trainee scheme?

Competition for our paid trainee schemes is fierce and we receive many more applications than the available places. However, if you’re passionate about your chosen field and have all the relevant skills, our trainee schemes offer an incredible boost to your career.

Prepare yourself as fully as possible by looking at both the website of the scheme you’re interested in and the BBC Careers site.


The scheme I’m interested in is closed. What should I do?

Each of our trainee schemes has a fixed recruitment window. Visit the website of the scheme you’re interested in and read the information carefully. Many of our schemes require a degree of preparation so use the time until the next recruitment window to prepare yourself as fully as possible.


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