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24 September 2014

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Census 2001 - the sequel!
Are you a Jedi?
Would you want to live anywhere else?
If a Martian landed on the planet right now, he'd probably think that the east of England was populated by a load of bicycle-riding, Jedi-worshipping singletons. Surely that's not the full story...?
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The census of the UK population was taken on 29th April 2001. On Thursday 13th February 2003, the Office of National Statistics released the second phase of results.

Speaking on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Peter Goldblatt from the Office of National Statistics explained how Cambridgeshire fared in comparison to the rest of the country:

"The city of Cambridge is very different to the rest of the region, especially as, for the first time, the census has allocated students to their term-time address. This means that about one quarter of Cambridge’s residents are students and as a result of this, nearly half of the residents are single."

?? What was the population of the United Kingdom on Census Day 2001 ??
(Answer at the bottom of the page)

The student population also means that a very large percentage of people travel to work on bicycles in Cambridge. Nearly one quarter of those travelling to work choose this mode of transport. This is not only a very different picture to other cities in the UK, but also to other towns and cities in the rest of our county.

"Cambridgeshire has a very low percentage of people using public transport," continues Mr Goldblatt. "Only 6% compared to nearly 15% using public transport to get to work in England and Wales as a whole. More people than average use their cars in the county - 65% travel to work by car, but in Cambridge itself the picture is slightly different with only 40% travelling to work by car and only 8 or 9% using public transport."

?? What was the population of the east of England on Census Day 2001 ??
(Answer at the bottom of the page)

On average there are about 2.4 people per household in Cambridgeshire which reflects the national average. Across the country as a whole there are now more single households and fewer married people. Once again the picture is slightly different in Cambridge where there is more student accommodation.

Across the country, about 9% of people said their ethnic origin was other than white, but that figure is somewhat different in the east of England and in Cambridgeshire, where the figure is lower.

Across the country, nearly three quarters of people said they were Christians. That percentage is similar in Cambridgeshire, although an above average number of people in this county put themselves down as having no religion - 18% compared to 15% in the country as a whole. Cambridgeshire also has a smaller percentage of Muslims than average.

Unpaid carers
For the first time ever, a question was included in the census about whether people were providing unpaid care for friends or relatives. Across the country, 5 million said they were providing some degree of care. For 1 million of these, the amount of caring they provided was close to a full-time job.

There is a burning question we all want the answer to, of course, and that is, following the census, has "Jedi" become a recognised religion? Mr Goldblatt explains: "There was a rumour that if 10,000 people put themselves down as Jedi, then that would become a recognised religion. Not so, but I can reveal that across the country, 400,000 people put themselves down as "Jedi" when asked about their religion."

This choice was particularly popular in towns with a large student population, apparently. The Office of National Statistics decided to classify all self-proclaimed Jedi followers as having "no religion".

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Brainteasers: The population of the United Kingdom on Census Day 2001 was 58,789,194. Of these, the East of England accounted for approximately 5,000,000.
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