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24 September 2014

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Storm talk
Storm damage
How did the weekend's storms affect you?
The weekend's storms resulted in over 13,000 homes being without power in Cambridgeshire alone.

Who was at fault and should better contingency plans have been in place?

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This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »

Compensation factsheet >>

Did you lose your electricity supply?

Over the weekend of 26th/27th October, gale force winds resulted in thousands of people losing their electricity supply. These weren't isolated instances and for many the power cuts continued for a number of days.

Up to 2,000 homes in Cambridgeshire were still without electricity on Thursday 31st October and 24seven say that many will not be reconnected until the weekend.

We want to know what you think about the situation. Did you lose your power? How did you cope? Are you still without power and have you received adequate explanations or compensation advice from 24seven?

Want to join in? Tell us what you think about the situation and 24seven's response:

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Your comments:

My wife and I spent 27.5 hours without power. Not a lot compared with some I know, but still annoying. More annoying though, was that 24seven switched their faults info line off about 11am on the Sunday - less than an hour after the power went off. I found it extremely frustrating not knowing what was going on. Thankfully I spoke to British Gas (my supplier) on the Monday who seemed to be able to find some info from 24seven. I think that 24seven have acted very irresponsibly in their dealing with this matter.
Gavin Short, Earith, UK

We were cut off at 10.00 am on Sunday and finally re-connected at 6.00 pm on Thursday. Why couldn't we have had a recorded message on the Sunday to say that the damage was so severe that we should expect to be without electricity for up to one week. We could then have moved our food out of the freezer to friends or relatives, put in camping gas stoves, stocked up on logs for the fire knowing that we could be without power for a week. We all had prior warning, through the weather forecasts on television, that it was going to be bad so 24/7 must have known that there would be extensive damage. EVERYONE must write in for compensation!
Jane Cooper, Barton, Cambridge

I only had short power cuts, so no real inconvenience there and very grateful for that. But what about the awful performance by WAGN railway? One day's utter chaos was just about expected given their general pathetic attitude but even this morning there were (shorter) delays getting to work
CJ, Nr Baldock

I still don't have power (Nov 1st) 5 days after the storm. Now that the local radio station is losing interest in the story it's getting harder to obtain information on how many people are still without power. I gave up looking out of the window to watch for the 24/7 lorry some time ago but still give them the occasional reminder by phone, not that it does any good. I go through periods of frustration and anger but I must admit that when I hear other news items, such as the tragic earthquake in Italy, it does put my problem back into perspective and I just go back to waiting and hoping.
Dr Roger Worland, hardwick, cambs

Would like to know where the compensation is that they promised on their website, we were without electric for 51 hours

I contacted Peterborough City Council in June informing them i had two of their trees which were dead and due to fall over if there were high winds. Their response was that they would come out and access the situation. This was done until September. At the end of September i received a call from Peterborough City Council saying that they would chop the trees done in October. This was not done and due to high winds one of the trees has now fallen on my rear garden just missing the house. Another one is now leaning further towards the house and if this falls will damage our house. I understand that the council is busy now but we will have to now wait further months until the tree is removed from our garden. I think this is unacceptable and something should be done to speed up the process.
James Braccialle, PETERBOROUGH

Thanks to ALL the team at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for giving us the vital information which was so sadly lacking from 24/7. Thanks also for giving the people of Cambridgeshire the means to air their views. I spoke on the Ronnie Barbour programme this morning, and I would like to make it clear that it's the management that I am blaming, not the people at 24/7 on the ground who are working very hard. My power was restored this afternoon after 90 hours - my thoughts are still with those who are still waiting - I hope theirs is restored very soon.
Nick, March, Cambs.

PLEASE TAKE CARE: Can I remind people to check the boundary walls of their property. Today when I went to open the gates at the bottom of my garden I found that the two walls that are supporting the gates are very badly damaged. The walls will need to be demolished and rebuilt. As they are alongside the main footpath if they fall I think I may be liable.
Sandra Craft, Cambridge

We were entirely without power from about 8 am on Sunday 27 October until midnight yesterday, 29 October.   That was two full days and sixteen hours during which, not only did life revolve round one room, an open fire and oil lighting, but the entire contents of two deep freezers thawed and have had to be thrown away.
J W W Augar, Thriplow  

I'm not impressed by Eastern Electricity aka TXU Energy aka 24/7's apology for failing to supply my family and thousands of others in Cambridgeshire with electricity for the third day running. They say they are giving priority to those with medical problems - well there are several very elderly residents and toddlers in our village who are suffering stoically at the moment but dont seem to be priorities. Why dont they have better emergency planning? Why cant they communicate/answer telephone calls/ e mails or anything else? And how much energy and money did they expend on re-branding their company at regular intervals instead of providing the 'extraordinary service' they claim?
Mrs Anderson, Hamerton,Huntingdon.

Goodness me wasn't it windy.
Bill, Wisbech

We lost electricity on Sunday 10am and were restored at 1pm today 51 hours off! All food has had to be destroyed! Thanks for all your help, info and general support over the last days - an invaluable lifeline, especially when we could get no info from the above! It has been much appreciated!  

For the 5th day I am without power.
Vicki Page

We only got our power back on at 8pm last night (30th October).
Peter Hitcham, Royston

This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »
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