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24 September 2014

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Posh talk - your comments
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The new season kicks off in August. Can the Posh perform better than last year when they finished 17th in Division 2?

Tell us what you think about the manager, the team and everything Posh!

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Barry Fry excusive interview

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Adam Newton signed for Peterborough on 1st May 2002 following in the steps of Tom Williams and Jimmy Bullard who moved to Peterborough United from West Ham.

Barry Fry has been manager at Peterborough since 1996.

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This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »

There are high expectations that Barry Fry's team will be in the hunt for promotion at the end of the season.

The players, the management, the performance - as the drama unfolds send your comments throughout the season.

Have your say

Stop dissing Bazza, hes a wicked manager, dont know what some of you're finking. whats he achieved, well anyone remember a wet and rainy night in May 2000, a ceratin wembley stadium!?! Yes he got us out of the basement league. If it wasnt for Barry we wouldnt be getting so many decent young players from the premiership or the attention of Man U to give us the cash we need to survive. Think before you slate bazza. Those fans who stay away? Well those fans who stay away, a true fan supports their team no matter what the circumstances. Dont come to London road, go watch the supposedly 'Super' U's, or the bunch of cobblers up prop up our divison.
Pete-O, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

why dont every one just get off barry fry's back .and lets start to show him some support .(for a change)
karen, peterborough

well see you in division 3...and then well put u in the conferance.
cambridge team, cambridge

all the fans are not happy about barry fry not doing more to make sure andy edwards signs a mew contract.
peter , peterborough

For those of you who are against Fry, I bet you weren't saying out Fry when we were doing well. If you was a true supporter you would see that it is because of the failure to sell the club that is causing most of the problems.
Lee, Peterborough

trevor if you want to say something about the club at least put something else apart from fry out
Paddy, Peterborough

fry out fry out fry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry outfry out fry out
Trevor Rhodes, Peterborough

does anyone agree with me that there has to be an inquiry about Leon McKenzie injury problems, this time last season he was also injured. Does anyone think that barry fry should still be leading our team?
Paddy, Peterborough

Barrry Fry is one of the best managers in the UK. He may be tactically inept, but no one is better in the transfer market.
Posh's probs this season are due to Boizo not selling the club.
Poshfan, Sawtry

I am bias towards Barry Fry, I have meet him on numerous occasions while doing charity work and have found him to be an honest guy. I hope and think that Barry Fry and the Posh will stay together and finish mid-table.
Edwin Overland's ability as a commentator is very high in my opinion. He is accurate at describing the play and does not pretend to be a summeriser like many, he is much better than Alan Green on Radio 5.
Phil Wright, Shefford Beds

Fry Out, Clough in , Nigel that is!
Brian clough, UK

All the best for Barry Fry and his team. They will end the season well. Barry is the best man for THE POSH. He helps young players and bring them on. Up THE POSH !!!
Andre Zandereit, Munich/Germany

Barry fry is not a manger he is a media man or he is a well known in the footballing game he should go and apply for a job on sky and leave us all alone barry also thought he could make money off adam newton like he did with tom williams
paddy, peterborough

Adam Newton, a good signing,!! what a load of tosh !! As for Mr Fry, he"s had his day, clear off and go and **** some other football club up !!!
Ray, sawtry

can cambridge fans keep their comments to ther self we are in divison 2 your are in divison 3
paddy, petrborough

DEAR POSH FANS ???????? Think yourselves lucky you have such a good manager in Barry Fry ,and get behind him . I left a message on this section that the seats allocated to your fans were in the open Stratton Bank at Swindon . This turned out to be false info , as Swindon moved the goal posts and let you use the north stand which normally costs £19 per ticket . Sorry about this mistake , if they did charge the more expensive price and not the £13 ,£9, £7 as advertised , I can only apologise on my teams behalf , hopefully this was not the case . please let me know via e mail in this section .whatever . By the way I thought you were unlucky , it was not a penalty v us . From a Swindon fan / Best of luck you have a decent team and manager . Get behind both.
g phillips , london

Fry has got to go! 6 years, what has he done! Nothing! He is a embarrassment for the club! We have suffered for far to long. We have got to make sure we stay up! Come on you blues up the POSH!
Jon, Peterborough

Warn posh fans please. tickets at £13 ,£9,£7 for Saturdays game are in the open end , stratton bank stand. take warm clothing, umbrella and a warm drink and a hat. this stand offers an excellent view , but is open to all the elements . warn all posh fans please . i tried to contact the club via the web site but there is a fault on it . i signed the keep posh , posh ,visitors book and left a warning there.
From a Swindon fan

unlucky lads(our hearts bleed)

Chin up're made of strong stuff. Don't let the whingers get you down-there wouldn't be a Posh if it wasn't for your financial backing in the past. 'Barry Fry's Peterborough United'
Kenny Miller, Wisbech

Why oh Why do you keep referring to OUR club as 'Barry Fry's Peterborough'. It's NOT his, never has been, and never will be. The sooner he leaves the better for Peterborough, and I don't just mean the club.
Paul, Peterborough

I have been watching posh since 1962 and have stopped this season I just can't watch Barry Fry destroy players , the team and the club week after week .he treats platers like cattle. look back to the long serving players who were grat for the club. Now he sells another player Joseeph claiming to rebuild a sidewhen in fact he desyroys everything he touches.
james biilett

Barry Fry must go. He is Posh's worst ever manger - fact. What more reason do you want?
Jack, Peterborough

RE: Staying Alive - Football in Crisis (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 20th November)

Wouldn’t our club be better off financially without the services of Barry Fry as our manager surely the club would be better off with someone else who is not going to be payed such high wages + add ons, also we would then also get the lost people back through the turnstiles that have stopped supporting the club because of Barry Fry.  
Barry Matthews, Paston, Peterborough

All the posh Fans's Inna World, P'Boro

On Posh v Posh - who deserves the name?

The posh is peterboro Victoria should go back 2 the spice girls.Besides the mighty cambridge have no other chants that dont involve the word POSH.Maybe we should let her win.......then she'll have a number 1 hit.Only in the papers though.

Look it's a secret plan, you dummies! Posh sues Posh, Posh loses - Barry wins, millions come in get rid of Barry, buy new ground, give the Pizza magnate the boot, get in Alex Ferguson, sack all the wasters and we all live happily ever after in Pudleborough.
John, Calgary, Canada

Victoria Beckham needs to get over herself. My mom was born and grew up in Peterborough so I've been hearing about the Posh my whole life. The Spice Girls, while they were great in their moment aren't much now,are they?
Janette Dennis, Houston,Texas USA

If Victoria Beckham can prove she is older than Peterborough Utd, she should be allowed to keep the name POSH. Otherwise, go away and be quiet!!
Captain AL, Peterborough

POSH is Peterborough. Do not let Victoria Beckham have her way!
Paul, St Ives, Cambs

I feel incensed that the wife of one of the top footballers in the country should set out to rob a struggling club of of it's nickname it has had for all those years. She can't even sing, at least Peterborough do play football.

what gives her the right, just because she has the money doesn't mean she has an automatic right. the posh is peterborough united through and through, so grow up and stop being a spoilt brat
mary eisler, peterborough

Perhaps P&O should sue the beckhams for using their acronym.
Jeff Dray, Poole Dorset

It's about time Mrs Beckham grew up,The Posh is Peterborough United not some spoilt brat has been hopeless EX singer!!!
Darren, Yaxley

If THE Posh applied for their trademark in 1998 what has been happening to their application since? I have a horrible [feeling] the little rich girl will win this one as the club have no money for a fight, but I find her attitude absolutely appalling.
Peter, Huntingdon

Peterborough should stay posh they had the name long before Victoria Beckham she cant own everything!!!!!!
Chelsea, southampton

I dont think Victoria Beckham has more rights to being "posh" than a football club that has had the "posh" name for 80yrs. So please Mrs. Beckham find something else to pass your time. Thks.
Faith, Cambridge

Victoria Beckham is no longer posh spice as the group no longer exists so I fail to see how she can still have a claim on the 'posh' title. This name belongs to Peterborough United and has done for years. She is behaving like a spoilt brat who threw her toys out of the pram!
Tracy, Peterborough

only one word can sum up Mrs Beckhams behavior- SAD,very SAD.

POSH is Peterborough, so stop being a spoilt over paid celebrity Beckham!
Chris, Petersfield

Is this a publicity stunt by Mrs Beckham? After all her recording career has stalled and she's really only famous for being famous, so a story like this is great for getting media attention. The word "posh" was around before Peterborough used it but they've been using it since the 1920's. They have also been using on their website for a while. If she should be able to claim anything as hers it should be Posh Spice and not Posh. The whole thing's a load of hype. A bit like the Spice Girls really.
Steve, Sawtry, Huntingdon

Tell Victoria Beckham that she can't actually have EVERYTHING she wants. Posh has been Peterborough United for so long. She really is a spoilt kid!
Sue, Ramsey

If Victoria is so worried about not knowing about items with the POSH logo why doesn't she buy the club and solve both problems. It is about time footballers put some of there money back into clubs.
Gez, Beds

The whole episode of which party has the right to register the name POSH as a trademark appears grossly distorted by the topical popularity of an ex-popstar. Whilst Victoria Beckham has clearly established celebrity status I cannot see any argument against the proper right to register POSH resting with Peterborough United. Barry Fry has always had a reputation for outspokenness but I was rather taken by his suggestion that, if Victoria Beckham wishes to endorse her name with the title "POSH", why doesn't she buy Peterborough United. It would hardly compromise her obvious links with Manchester United and could only benefit both parties.
Alan Humphrey, Biggleswade

Yet again, a self-centered egotist thinking that the world revolves around her. The Posh Fc will be around a long time after we've forgotton that ex-Spice Girl (remember them?)
Mark, Ramsey

If the ludicrous happens and Peterboro' can't use "Posh" then I suggest they use "Victoria" - after our long departed Sovereign (1837-1901)
Malcolm, Cambridge

Victoria Beckham should thank her lucky stars that she married David Beckham, otherwise she would be a nobody, as she was never a good singer without the rest of the Spice Girls.  Mrs David Beckham is all she is now.  

Emma, your are seriously thick in my opinion. Victoria Beckham is a muppet who just wants to be in the news some more. Silly mong. Come on POSH. FRY OUT

Jenifer Brunton must be from another planet if she thinks Victoria Beckham is a 'megastar'. She is part of a plastic, manufactured pop group who have now had their day. Peterborough Football Club has been around, and been called Posh for decades. It will still be around and called Posh long after people have forgotten a talentless little girl.
Charlie Brown, Halstead, Essex

i think they are both entitled to the name and i think it's good for a football team to have a nickname.but victoria beckham was only named posh when she was in spice girls and now they have split she has came out with new songs but they were by victoria beckham i think she is just using this for a bit of stardom on the newspapers!!!!!!!!!!
sophie, northampton

UP THE POSH!!! Peterborough UTD that is!!!
anonymous, PETERBOROUGH!!!!!

What is she on about. I think Victoria should back off and let The Posh through to win the league!!!!!
James Brown, Peterborough

"Posh" have been so called since before Victoria was born! She should use the name "PoshB" or some such. Peterborough was there first!!
Betty Chesterfield, Huntingdon,Cambs.

Victoria Beckham should get over herself! I am not a huge football follower but can see the clubs point! Does she not think she has enough let the club keep it's name and get over it!!!!!!!!!!!

posh got its name long before the spice girl stik with it all the way.c,mon posh.
patricia , lt downham.ely

Totally unbelievable!!! If the RAF decided to trademark the name Red Devils, I suppose David Beckham would oppose that!!! Why can't she admit that she is now Mrs Victoria Beckham...and she never was Posh!!!
Al, Peterborough

"Posh" should stick to their own name, which is Peterborough United, and not try to glamourise themselves by muddling their name up with that of one of our true megastars.
Jenifer Brunton, Devon

It's not worth dignifying with a comment, but I'm going to anyway. For Heaven's sake what is all the fuss about? Why can't they both exist happily side by side? No one gave a darn before, and in a couple of days time, we won't give a darn - again.
Ralph Osbourne, Peterborough

I didn't know there was another Posh. I thought Posh Spice was the only one and I think she should be able to keep the name. Everybody knows her as that and football clubs can be called anything really, can't they?
Emma Irons, Luton

The Posh - the real Posh - have had their nickname for decades - what on earth does Victoria Beckham think she's doing making all this fuss. I would have thought with recent events she would have had more important things to think about than who owns the name "posh".
Barry Owens, Ely

This is the lamest news story I've heard for I don't know how long. Did somone make this one up?

Surely David Beckham, being a footballer himself, realises the importance of a team having its own nickname? We had it first - get your mitts off our name, Vicky!
Phil McCottle, Peterborough

Use your loaf, Victoria - don't be such a girly!
Laura Donner, Haslingfield

I am devastated - what will this mean for the future of our magnificent club?
Jeremy, Cambridge

Other messages

barry fry should stay but maybe as a director of football. i beloieve he is posh through and through, and maybe we should get a new manager but fry still must stay! UP THE POSH!
kyle durward, spalding

We need to stay in the league and try and sell the club to get some revenue:-) borough till i die:-)
Matt Booth, Norwich

Posh need stability but wil not get it until this takeover farce is sorted.We have a good side and a decent manager but all this nonsense must be playing on everybodys mind so im afraid it will be no different than any other season but i live in hope. p.s. nobody blames the players or the staff there is only one man resposible for all this and we all know who he is GET IT SORTED.
Nick clarke, Peterborough

After 6 years, Barry Fry has managed to achieve precisely nothing. We are no better off in terms of league position than when he arrived, and since then, some of the best Posh players ever have come through the youth ranks, and been sold off too early and too cheaply. Fry must go if we are going to make any progress. Talk of promotion is a bit silly considering our last two performances. Looks to me like another season of making sure we avoid the drop to Div 3, though I hope I'm wrong. Hope the taekover's sorted out soon, and the new owners do what's best for the future of the club and get rid of Fry.
James, Peterborough

C'mon the Posh. Lets get back to the form from Luton! And please don't go Tylesey!
Samantha Arnold, Chatteris, CAMBS

No idea why we havent got a sponosr sorted STILL because we cant afford to be losing anymore money - and who knows when the club's going to be sold, if it even is! Keep It Posh, see ya at the next home game! XXXXX
Loz, Peterborough

About the new kit....Why on earth have we still not got a sponsor (Surely, it brings in money?) and why has the away shirt gone from vile green to puke orange? All the best for the season Posh, no matter what happens lets hope every true fan gets behind the team. POSH & PROUD!
Tristan, Cambridge

Mckenzie, Fenn and Jelleyman injured pre-season, Bullard and Pearce injured at Luton, its going to just be another of those years!
Kyle Durward, Pinchbeck

David Proud get your life and prioriotes sorted! So everyone UP THE POSH,UP THE POSH! FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!
Davids son, Posh country

Unless this takeover takes place pretty quick then i fear for our future especially as our Manager is quoted as saying we might not even be able to pay our players wages in August. Message to Mr Boizot, Get it sorted NOW or at least tell us what is happening. Gerald Main, Cambridge? Is that a wind-up?
David Proud, Peterborough

A great season would include promotion and doing the double over Northampton !! Come on Posh!!
Chris, Portsmouth

I really think that we can do it this season, Adam Newton's a great signing. I just hope we can perform a bit more consistently.
Carol, Ramsey

Come on you mighty Posh! Automatic promotion would be great - but I'll settle for the play offs!
Gerald Main, Cambridge

This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »
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