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28 October 2014

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South Africa, Canada, The USA, Spain, Australia - no matter where you live now, keep in touch with BBC Cambridgeshire. If you're an ex-pat, we want to hear your stories and memories of the time you spent in the county.

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This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »

Don't lose touch with your roots. It doesn't matter whether you've moved to the other side of the globe, or retired to the glorious sunshine of the Mediterranean, this is the ideal place to stay in touch.

Tell us about your childhood in Cambridgeshire, or what about your favourite places, favourite memories and favourite things? What do you miss about this great county of Cambridgeshire?

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Our family emigrated to Canada in 1949 when I was 5 but my parents came from Huntingdon and Godmanchester Cambidgeshire . Every few years we have visited there to see relatives and reconnect with our past . Even though I am now Canadian I still like to visit the areas my parents knew in their youth & I remember as a child. The beauty of the area doen't change & it still feels like coming "home".
Pat (Fitzjohn), Stratford, Ontario Canada

Although I am not an ex-pat I did live in the area in the late 1960's (Feltwell/Mildenhall). I enjoyed every minute of my 3 years in East Anglia. There is not a day now that I do not think about the English country side or miss England. I enjoyed England so much that when my wife and I got married we honeymooned in East Anglia and London. Cheers!
John Munro, Lakewood, Colorado - USA

my parents went to canada in the 60s -i was born in edmonton alberta - spent 7 years in england at boading school and cambridge university - age now 24 and i am the editor of the prince rupert daily news.
rodney venis, pr.rupertbc/canada

I was born and raised in Histon, attended the High School for Girls on Long Road, Impington Village College and the Tech. Have been away for nearly 20 years but still miss Cambridge a lot. I miss the snow!, spring flowers, strawberry picking at Chivers farms in the summer, fish and chips and the sheer beauty of the place. In fact it's making me homesick just thinking about it! Must be time for a trip home again, haven't been back for 7 years
Ann Rolle, Andros Island, Bahamas

Was born and raised in Peterborough.Have been away from UK for nearly 14 years now spending the last 7 here in Singapore,before that was in Australia.What do I miss?Decent pubs,food,dont miss the weather though!!Every time am back seems to have changed even more.....
Robert Cotton, Singapore

what I miss about this great county of cambs. is the old county for pboro which was in nothants when I left in 1955,the posh were a force to be reckoned with in the FA cup runs.and the midland league, and a pint of mild cost only 10 pence.what happened ??
dennis, victoria,bc.canada

Spent a few years in Cambridge 60/70's. Loved it. My oldest daughter was born at Mill Rd Hospital. I miss the pubs and the then way of life. Having lived in Silicon Valley (USA) for 25 years I dread to think how its changed. However will be back '04. Liz Drath (Loudon) USA
Elizabeth Drath, San Luis Obispo, USA

My husband and I didn't grow up in Cambridge, but lived in Cambridge for almost 2 years. We mostly miss the pace of live, the beautiful springtime, pubs, shops architecture and commons. We loved Cambridge and miss our friends there. Feels like our home away from home. Can't wait to come back.
Sandra Hamilton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I don't really miss much at all, mainly because I don't really remember a whole lot. I left at the age of 7. One of the things I do remember is a school bully flinging dried up old dog poo at me, and missing by a mile - Ha, he was quite upset about that!
Jeremy Lindsay, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I miss punting on the river, and drinking wine outside on Henry's patio! I miss all the wonderful little shops, and playing frisbee on the common. I will be back one day!
Sarah Ross, Cold Lake, AB, Canada

I grew up in Cambridge, went to Brunswick & Parkside. I can't believe they closed the Beehive shopping centre on Coldhams lane!!! This is a great site, unfortunately I only found it when getting ypdates on the missing Soham girls. Now live in New Zealand - it's a great place as long as you prefer Rugby to football, big CUFC fan when I was 10 yrs old.
John Ingham, New Zealand

Reading the stories this past week about the missing girls, Holly and Jessica has really affected me and reminded me that however far away we end up we always remember our roots. I grew up in Cambridge, went to Hills Road sixth Form College and worked on the science park for many years before moving to New York. I have missed home alot this past week and this website has helped me to at least feel up to date and a part of what was going on.
Bev, New York, USA

It's always amazing to me that things don't seem to change that much. I usually come home once a year and Ely is just the same as when I was growing up there(Witchford actually). Last month I brought my 8-year old grandson to visit for the first time and he asked me if we could move to England for a couple of years! So I think he liked it. Naturally we had to visit the Cathedral and he thought the Octagon tour was pretty neat.
Julie Caruso, Dallas, TX

I attended the County High School for Girls in the 1940's and lived on DeFreville Avenue. Used to cycle to school up Hills Road. Now we visit our family on Halifax Road. I went swimming in Jesus Green and walked many miles across Midsummer Common. I still love Cambridge in the spring when all the blossoms are out and the horse chestnut trees are blooming.
Betty Abbott (Balderson ) - Youbpu, B.C. Canada

Well, I'm hardly an ex-pat, but I lived in Swavesey for 3 years, and boy do I miss it. Except for the A14 of course!
Henry Barber, New Zealand

This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »
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