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24 September 2014

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Animal testing
Caged monkey
What do you think about medical research?
Do you want to join the debate about animal testing in the county? The university's plans for a new research lab in Cambridge have really got you talking. For or against it, we want your views...
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This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »

A House of Lords' report concluded that animal testing should be reduced in the future, but is necessary for now. Do you agree? What are the alternatives to animal experiments and are they effective? Have your say here.

Have your say

animal testing is just so wrong. How would the scientists like it if the animals got to gether and tested on them. animals are creatures just like us, god didn't put them on the earth to be tested on. Animals have rights just like us and the scientists.
john hall, Newcastle

firstly the animals that are been tested on are not pets and most are consisdered rodents by most people. i am doing a debate in english on which i have to be for vivisection, personally i am neither for or against it. i believe that some aspects of vivisection are indeed cruel and shouldn't be done. but testing on animals in the case of trying to find ways to cure and prevent aids, cancer, HIV, etc. i find is acceptable. but using animals to test for cosmatic reasons isnt acceptable. i believe that when the experiments are been carried out the animals should be treated with the same kind of respect any human would be treated with. as they are probabily going to die in the cause of trying to save human lives. they should be put under anesthetic and given pain killers, as over 65% of operation on testing on animals are carried out without anesthetic.
rachael, halifax

it is stupit and so wromg! why should they test stuf on animals? they might as well test on humans too cause were animals too. God put animals here on earth as one of His great creations just like he put us here too. how would the scientists feel like if they were to be tested on? its wrong and it has to stop! so if u care dont buy products that were tested on animals. check on the label.
Ania, Surrey, Canada

i used to think that animal testing was wrong but after reading some of these comments and researching about animal testing i have come to believe that its all very cruel, but it does need to be done to save many peoples life! but still feel very strongly about any animals being tested for cosmetics! we dont really benefit from this and the animals definatly dont.
gem , nothamps

I am doing a Group project at school it is about animal testing. I want to thank you and tell you that animal testing is very bad my 4 people group is all against it. When we do our presntation in school I think my intire class of 30 will be against it even our teacher is. We have photo of animals being tested on and it is very cruel. If you have any information against or for animal testing please send to sparks elem in Sparks Maryland Thank you for your time and thoughtful ness. Sparks school
Animal Testing Group, Sparks Md

I think its not the best thing in the world, but untill there is a better alternative, like something that works w/o hurting anyone, its gonna stay
Emily, South Carolina USA

I think anybody who says they are for animal testing are just sick and mean, the things they do to these poor animals behind closed doors. If humans can't be tested on there's no reason why animals should be. They were put here for a reason just like you and me to live, not to be treated like toys and played with!!!
amber, scarborough

i think animal testing should be stoped i would rather suffer then let animals is crule i have to do a project on animal testing and i never knew that it was so bad STOP ANIMAL TESTING PLEASE IT IS CRULE!
kathy g, bolton

i think it is stupid the more animals u do testing on the more u kill then
brejene, Epping

I have loved animals for a very long time and I don't think people should be so cruel to them when they have feelings to! Last year I did a project called animals in Captivity and found out horrible things that people do for humans just to make humans pretty by makeup, and that is why I don't wear any makeup anymore! Scientists have other ways that they can find out research with.
Roxy, Los Angelas

Animal testing is wrong.I am working on a report for English against it, and i am finding out all the cruel and painful suffering they have to go though for humans. In order to test certain cosmetics they put a powder substance in a rabbits eye for 72 hrs or could last 7-8 days to see if irritation devolops. Another horrible fact about animal testing is the animal is straped down and BURNED ALIVE with a FLAme-thorower untill they can remove FLESh form he or she while they are still alive just to see what burn medications work best. Doesn't always help either drugs that pass animal testing sometimes end up killing humans 61% of the time. People are the ones that want the products or medicans not animals. Animals have helped some to finding good medications for that THERE REWARD SHOULd BE TO ALL ANIMALS THAT THEY WILL NEVER HAVE TO worry about BEing TESTED. STOP ANIMAL TESTING.
angela, USA- Nebraska

(resubmitted by request) To the people wo think it's right to test on animals, how would you feel if someone constantly tortured your pet in the name of science of course......and I don't eat meat so I can declare it's wrong and have a leg to stand on. I am a vegan and consume no animal products of any kind. I am proudly a member of PETA and many other organizations. I can tell you when you see how it's done, it's down right disgusting! Also, if it is helpful how come we have no cures for AIDS or cancer. Only 3% of drugs are ok'd for humans after countless animal testing stay on the market. If it's deemed safe on a rat or cat, guess what, chances are it's not safe for you! In the words of Alice Walker "animals were put here by God for their own reasons, not for humans any more than black people were put here for white people." Love animals, don't eat them, wear them, or abuse them. Check out and a great book entitled Animal Liberation. P.S: I have multiple physical ailments to wh! ich there are no cure. I'm only 24 and suffer pain every day of my life. I'd rather suffer than use any technolgy that was produced by toturing an innocent animal. Why should they suffer? More than likely there will never be a cure for me and thousands had to die and be tortured. For what?
Melissa Hepner, LaPlata, MD usa

What right do us humans have to inflict pain and suffering onto a defenceless animal? What right do we have to tamper and damage monkeys brains, test cosmetics on rabbits eyes, test shave gels on beagles skin, tamper with their hearts and lungs? What sort of world are we living in when we have to subject rats to leathal doses of cocaine? After reading peoples comments who are PRO testing, some people are very ignorant and need to look into a few facts. For those who are for animal testing for research for Alzeimers, Parkinsons, cancer etc you should take a look at non human research produced by the Dr Hadwen trust, a registered medical research charity with 30 years experience of developing alternatives to replace animals experiments. Animal activists are doing a good job its a shame more people didnt take the time to support helpless animals. Theres no point looking at horrific pictures of animals and crying and feeling sorry for the them. You need to get out there and do your bit to help. After all the animals have no one but us.
Gemma, Bristol

I think that it is your own view on weither you are for or against animal exparimanatation. For the people who think that you have to be "sick or stupid" you might not be here today, because you or your parents or even your grandparents might have died from diseases that are minor in todays society. Animal exparimanatiojn is a major debate topic but it dosnt help when you dont look at others point of view. thanks
angie, usa

Animal Testing is okay as it can save a lot more lives than kill and it accounts for 5% of scientific research within the last centuary and 95% of that has only been on rats and mice. We kill animals every day to eat for food which we need to survive so why not test them with a possible killing for another purpose which could save our life?

stop animal testing! Its just not funny.
Kelly, Bettendorf

I think that animal testing should be banned, and the research carried out on Animal Rights Protesters instead. It would save the animals, and save us (the general public) from an excess of bearded people with dogs-on-strings from frequenting our towns. And I must point out that the standard of spelling and grammar is appallingly bad in this talking point. Some people should go back to school!
Anon, Huntingdon, Cambs

I think that animal testing is not good.But I think it helps in some things
Abraham Ramirez, POMONA ,CA

I think that whoever is for animal testing is just sick and stupid and i think that animals should be treated with more respect. I think that researchers should pay poeple to do the testing and then have doctors to help if anything goes wrong. WE should stop treating animals like they r just a thing wecan play with.
morgan, Brooklin/Canada

i think animal testing should be abolished. I think its a cruelty to animals. i think they should test there products on human beings instead of on animals.
George, Boardman

i h8 animal testing wots the point its cruel and its nasty i dont no how the testers can sleep @ nite nowing wot they have dun 2 those poor animals. Wot have they dun 2 us nothin all they wont is a life in a nice place not getin needles stuffed in dem all day!!!!!!!!
emily horton, lincoln

Animal testing is extremmelly cruel. One of the worst cases was making a dog smoke. However the few benifits of testing are brilliant but is there a way of testing without animals?
Emily Neville, Morton ( Lincs)

animal testing is inhumane and wrong. The tests are inaccurate, and it should be considderd as animal cruelty. The worst thing about this is that there is sophisticated alternitives. Somebody should stop this and soon.
Jessica E., lombard/IL/AMERICA

Animal testing is evil. it can give the little animals sicknesses. it also erodes the skin. it is just descusting.
Kenny Alger, Virginia Minnesota, 55792 U.S.A

I think that testing products on animals, either cosmetic or medical is completly unnecessary and cruel. There is no excuse anymore because there are alternative ways for both cosmetic and medical testing available
Donna Kelly, East Kilbride, Scotland

i think testing animals is horid. some die simply becase a scientist wants to know how quick a lethal drug will kill them. they have feelings to. they bleed and they cry out when they are hurt. most of the animals that suffer so horibly dont even give the scientist any new information. if the scientists want to know they can do it to them selves the world is already to over populated with people anyway. we are going to kill ourselves and kill them along with us in the proses.

I believe that animal testing is discusting and realy wrong.
Kelsey, Indianapolis

I think animal testing is a bad thing Because its stupid to test cosmetics on animals because what grown up would get cosmetics in their eye or put it on their cuts. Also its a bad to test on animals medical stuff because if it doesn't have cancer or any disease whats the point of testing for it on something that doesn't have a disease and if they test whatever on the animals they shouldn't kill them after they should release them to the wild again or something

i disagree with animal testing but once you look at it 3% of medical advances this century. after all most of the animal testing is for disease.
kyle plante, airdrie alberta

I think cosmetic testing is not right but medical testing to find cures for example cancer is fine.
kelly, flagstaff,AZ usa

I strongly dissagree with animal testing. Every living thing has a right to live and it isn't fair to go poking things in the poor animals. I understand that it can help save someones life but according to these points i doubt many people will be saved: Rats are only 37% effective in identifying what causes cancer in humans. Flipping a coin would be more accurate! Sex differences amoung lab animals can cause conradictory results. This does not happen in humans. so whats the point in testing? 95% of drugs passed by animal tests are immediately discared as useles or dangerous to humans. So these tests are a waste of time and lives. IT IS CRUEL - Think how you would feel if scientists tried to force feed you stuff, inject things into you, you wouldn't like it would you?...... NO I didn't think so. There is not much we can do about testing appart from, buy products that haven't been tested on animals, because all the money for the tests come from the people who buy the products.
Becky Simpson, Wirral, Merseyside

i don't think animal testing is right at all.everything deserves to have a life and be treated right,and if researchers are apparantly "so good"(not in my eyes!)then why can't they find something else to test on,not a living thing.
ruth rickmansworth

Testing animals for diseases that humans suffer from does not help find cures for these diseases. Animals (rodents, mammals, and primates) do not react in the same manner as humans do. It is a waste of time and money to cause animals to suffer for the vague possibility that if a person ingests 25 pounds of saccharine a day they might get cancer because some poor lab rat developed cancer from living on a diet primarily made up of the stuff. Divert research money to where it will do the most good - on the humans actually suffering from all of the dreadful diseases that scientists are trying to eradicate.
Claire Wolf Place - Haddenham/U.S.

The fact that we have to test on animals is very sad but a reality. I myself was against testing until I saw first hand what was being done at HLS. They do not test cosmectics and the work they do is valuable reserach to find cures for diseases that kill our loved ones every day. Everybody has the right to protest but there are some protestors who take great joy in causing people suffering e.g car bombs, bricks through windows, junk mail. These are mindless thugs who aren't committed to what they believe in but have nothing better to do, and will protest against anything. Perhaps they could offer themselves for experimental use? Perhaps they should refuse medication not tested on animals? Perhaps they should stop preaching until they know all the facts? I'm signing anon because I daren't put my name in fear of attack from these so called 'protestors'. And no, I don't work at HLS, neither does my family or friends.

I was really against animal testing but now im kinda for it...and i just have 1 thing to say how can u be against it if u still eat meat or use shmpoo, deoderant, etc..

Animal testing is wrong. Taking away the life of an animal is just as bad as taking away the life of a human. A life is a life. Besides who gave us the right to kill other animals just because we are smarter or bigger than them? We did. It is not right to kill any one or anything. Murder is murder.
Jenny, Bronx

I would not care if animal testing was done to save live but not for cosmetics or hair spray , they should not die for that
superbeast, maine,levant

I believe that anmial testing, although it can be good for testing cancer and what not, is wrong. Why subject a helpless creature with your experimentation causing them suffering and needless pain. I am totally against animal testing for beauty products, I mean the whole thing is just sick why kill an animal just to plaster your face with gooby stuff and claim that it makes you more atractive?
Cassandra C Trautwein, Lockport/ USA

I think that animal testing is a great come on would you rather have a human die then a rat...Like look at the facts there are millions of people dieing each day from aids, cancer excetera. and even though that i am a animal lover i would rather have a animal die then someone i know...or dont know...if it may one day save someones will regret saying all the stuff you have said on the website!
Strawberry Freak (lindsay)

I am in 8th grade and I had to do some searching on animal testing and choose if I want to be for it or against it. At first I was for it, and I still am, I must say, there are a lot of good points out here about why it is wrong, but how do you think our doctors trained in medical school? How do you think they learned how to give us shots etc. Exactly... from animals. I also agree with Tom,Springfield... you cant say your against it when you eat meat!! That'll make a great point... thanks! think about how many animals there are in this world... and you are sobbing over it because we are hurting them while if we werent... could be killing one of your closest friends while they are suffering with a disease. Think about things before you talk, thanks! byebye
Leah, Sheboygan Falls

I'm for aniamal testing to a certain point, like for cancer research

we shouldnt because, why should animals be tested on for something humans are going to wear

We should test animals. I think this because we might find a cure for diseases.

I think animal experimenting/ testing should be banned there is far too many animals being killed and it isn't fair! The worst thing about it is the cosmetic testing on animals that is uncalled for. It should be banned before it's too late to save the animals.
Nicole English, Belfast,Northern Ireland

Everyone has a right to protest, however people such as SHAC who daily scream abuse at workers and others associated with animal testing while SHAC themselves are associated with convicted thugs who have beaten and bombed innocent people including woman and children. And these people have the guts to stand up and say animal testing is wrong, me thinks something wrong.
anom, cambridge

Animal Testing on the AIDS has almost killed out the entire race of Chimpanzees. The are very close to becoming extinct just because they are the closest DNA to humans they are the only animals being tested on.
Crystal T., Pittsfield/Ma/01201

I would like to complain about the biassed reporting on tonight's programme about the new proposed laboratory at Girton. You allow the Animal Rights Activists to call the Government vivisectionists, give ample time showing their inflammatory posters and then allow only a brief reply from the University. You surely must know by this time that the vast majority do not share the views of these people but are afraid of the reprisals if they raise their heads above the parapet. To my knowledge your reporters have never asked them pertinent and adverserial questions. Why dont you ask them if they carry cards to say they do not want to be given anaesthetics or drugs which have been tested on animals? Ask them if they want their pet dogs given drugs which have been designed on a computer but not tested on rats? Ask them why they don't lobby the Government to repeal the laws which require all new drugs to be tested on two different mammals before going into trials on humans? Why do you continue to give these people so much publicity and freedom to peddle their views? A little more objective reporting and a little more scepticism on your part would be welcome. Or do you believe that these people are the only ones who care about animals?
Brian Spall, Eltisley, St Neots

i think that we can do alot better we should stop testing animals they have no right in what humans do.
Antoinette, sd/sy/cali

Having stood outside Huntingdon Life Sciences supporting their employees against the bulleying and intimidatory tactics of a small group of single issue protesters, I know why I and most others of my persuasion wish to remain anonymous. Animal rights activists do not refuse anaesthetics or drugs when they are ill.Most do not know that veterinery products are tested at HLS and, unlike HLS staff, they do not volunteer to take part in the final stages of drug tests on humans. They are happy to exploit the Medical Profession when necessary, take on soft targets like HLS, Cambridge University and County Councellors, but they never protest about Ritual Slaughter or the low standards of animal welfare prevalent in most other countries. I have found most Animal Rights Activists amiable and well meaning but a minority are nasty vicious thugs who will eventually kill someone. Proper protest is acceptable but intimidation is not. We live in a tolerant country. Small minorities should not be allowed to exploit this tolerance and force their views on the majority who do not wish to take untested drugs.
Brian, Cambridge

Animaltesting is disgusting.Why only animals?If they cant speak it does not mean they dont have feelings.Please be aware of this issue and help in doing a noble cause that is to stop using animals for testing.This is really wrong and it should be stopped .And we can really make a difference if we think it is unethical.
Iti Gupta, Delhi

I used to use covergirl, and many other animal tested makeups,until i was doing a research project on animal testing, now me and my mom on ly use cruelty free products
rebecca goss, New Castle, Va United States of America

First of all, I think it is ridiculous how many people on here are trying to present facts without actually knowing them. I don't know the facts myself, but reading these, I see so many contradictory statements it is unreal. Some say hundreds of millions of animals die each year, some say five million. For this, I can't take anyone seriously. Second, as much as an animal lover as I am, I still value human life over animals. And anyone who says they have the same right, only they can't speak up for themselves so we have, but then turns around and eats meat is a complete hypocrit. The only way I can take those people seriously is if they are vegitiarians. You can't say humans and animals are equal if you eat animals. I disagree doing animal testing for things that don't threaten human life, but for curing diseases, it is a must. You never know when you or a loved one will have a disease that could have been cured through animal testing. How would you feel about it then?
tom, Springfield

I think that it is bad things on animals because the species of that animal might die out and they have a right of living on this earth, they are part of this world.
Gigi, UK

Stella at Grantham, if you had read my comments thoroughly you would realise that I did not say that you look silly when you are protesting outside HLS, you have a right to your views and to peaceful protests, What I said was the methods of some of the protestors, ie car bombs, beatings, and going to childrens schools to tell them that their mummy is a murderer (this actually happened to a friend of mine who was a cleaner at HLS, the innocent children were most distreesed, they are too young to be drawn into it) is a joke, and does nothing for your cause. A few of the protestors use bully boy tactics and seem a million miles away from the people who really do care about animals and humans, this is what maddens me, not the majority who are peaceful protestors.
Anon, Huntingdon

If animal testing is so efficacious why are 4/5ths of drugs rejected as unsafe after clinical tests on humans when they have been tried for years on animals? The whole thing is one gigantic pseudo-scientific fraud invented by big business to provide a convenient alibi when the inevitable disasters occur. However, it is immaterial whether or not these tests are of any value since the capacity of an animal to experience pain and fear is no less than that of a human. In fact it may be greater, since humans can rationalise that death will bring an end to their suffering. Do not be intimidated by the blackmail that the vivisectionists use to silence you-either stop using the health service or accept their obscenities-They have the politicians and the media in their pockets, and have no respect for human or animal life!

whats wrong with trying to find a cure for cancer or aids which kills people everyday. i dont see humans volenteering to get tested on so why should it matter to you if rats and mice suffer a little so millions of people wont have to suffer a lot.
mara johnson, richmond virginia

Anaimal testing is completly wrong and should be banned. Animals cant speak and so they need us to speak up for them.
clare rice, englan

i would like to say UP YOURS to the person second on this list who says we look silly when we demo at the gates of hls. Less than 2% of illnesses in animals and humans is alike, so animal testing is a waste of time.

i think that animal testing is rude, disgusting, degrading, valugar, repulsive, and tempestutous. it is rediculous and should be banned would you feel about doctors doing that to humans? just because they cant speak and have no idea how to actaully defend themselves does not mean it is okay.
Sydnee Nycolee', Hemet, CAlifornia, United States

Animal testing is very sad but the people who protest at Huntingdon life sciences make a joke of themselves. They waste valuable police time, use violence against the families of emplyees including children and when one protester broke his leg he had painkillers as soon as he got to the hospital which had been tested on animals, also when a female protester stayed underground for a couple of days the first thing she was seen with was an inhaler which had been tested at HLS. When they march around Huntingdon they have pictures of mauled animals on posters for the little children to see on a saturday afternoon. Any understanding I had for the protesters has long gone. Animal testing should be banned for makeup and cosmetics but it is different for medicine, I would love to say let's stop all animal testing but if someone I loved became ill I would want them to the best treatment, regardless of how it came about, if these people are so concerned why don't they donate themselves for expreiments?
Anon, Huntingdon

It should be banned because animals have feelings to and if they can test on animals why carn't they test on humans instead?just remember animals have feelings to.
sarah lou, lincoln.lincolnshire

animal testing is very wrong!!!it is inhumane and down right disgusting! do u know that over 70 million animals are killed in the U.S. each year? and just from animal testing!!!
brianna, mi/us

Five Million, dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, monkeys and other animals die of dose tests that go wrong and are preformed in the U.S.A. The people that are against animal testing can help our animal friends by only purchasing products that haven't been tested on animals.
Lisa , dudley

i dont understand that a person could sit there and believe that animal testing is right. animal testing is very wrong especially when animals are being breeded to be eventually killed with a tortured death. think about the experimants that go wrong and if the animal lives throught it. its a heartless and ridiculous way to think. and to top it off, we are testing on animals for our well-being when our genetic built is different then theirs. its pointless.
ashlie, paso robles/ca

its descusting if it is built then their will be a protest
rachel, cambridge

I am doing an assignment at the moment on animal testing. At first I was totally against it as it sounded an awful thing to inflict on such innocent creatures. However I have now read up on both sides to the argument and now see that these experiments do have a very good purpose. They save us from cancer, tumours and many other diseases. I have also looked at the figures and 95% of them are rats and mice that account for the animal numbers. I can understand either side but I think that there is a lot more to this than scientists simply getting a kick out of doing research on rodents and other animals.
Jade Foster, Wiltshire

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This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to the BBC Cambridgeshire website, please visit our new message board »
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