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24 September 2014

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20 things to do before you hit 20...
Don't hide your light under a bushel of armpit hair...
Make the most of your youth and good looks...
Time's running out for you teenagers. Before you know it, you'll turn 20 and then you'll simply be dotty, doddery and past it.

So, get it out of your system before you're too old to enjoy it...
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Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

Get out more...

Get coat. Text mates. Get out...

More life here...

Try it often, you might just like it!

R'n' B and a little house...
Take it to the edge, just one more time...

Money's too tight to mention
So try winning it for free!

BBC Teens
Never mind the day-glo, check out the content...
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We bring you the ultimate list of "things to do before you're senile". Compiled by a bunch of old trouts trying desperately to recapture their youth, this list will soon become legendary...

1 Get that Harry Potter thing out of your system. Paint the lightning flash on your forehead, shout "wingardium leviosa" a lot and banish the trolls from your toilet. Once you hit 20, it’ll all seem a bit sad, so do it now, and then forget about it... Quit Pottering about...
Do something extreme. Throw yourself off the north face of the Eiger on a snowboard. You’re still quite bendy at your age and you’ll mend a whole lot faster. 2
3 Tattoo it. If it sits still for long enough, tattoo it. That’s our motto. Don’t worry what it’ll look like once you’re old and wrinkly - that’s a long way off. Ouch!  That's gotta hurt!
Shout about it! Go on a protest march. Get your placard out and shout a lot and look really angry. This works best if you grow some dreadlocks first and forget to wash for about a month. 4
5 Walk the Inca Trail while you’ve still got the energy.
Pass your driving test. You won’t be able to afford the insurance, so daddy will still have to drive you about, but hey, ho - at least you'll have done it! 6
7 Get your 100m swimming badge. It will come in handy when you throw yourself off the north face of the Eiger (number 2) and land in a big lake. Learn to swim like a fish!
Get used to sharing a house with friends. Face it, unless you achieve number 15 on this list, you’re not going to be able to afford your own place for years, and years, and years. God, how depressing! 8
9 Play at being a rock chick. Dress like one and mix with the celebs. If you do it really well, it could help you to achieve number 15. Play at being J-Lo!
Run naked on Blackpool pleasure beach. Dunno why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time, and it’s marginally more glamourous than Great Yarmouth. 10
11 Learn how to make fudge. You’ll always have friends and it’ll keep your dentist in business for many years to come.
Put yer vest on, girl! Streak at a major sporting event. Do it now, before gravity plays cruel tricks on your girly bits. 12
13 Buy a bumper pack of crisps and eat them all in one afternoon. Just because you can.
Join the in-crowd! Go on an 18-30s holiday before you realise that wet t-shirt vomit contests are gross. 14
15 Make a million. Young entrepreneurs are all the rage, don’t you know?
Take a ton of silly pics of you and your mates, so you can have a good laugh when you’re 30. 16
17 Live in London. You can start with a bench at King’s Cross and work your way up to a squat in Wandsworth. Lovely! Live like a king in the big city!
Practise a frilly autograph so you can sign your name with a flourish on your social security claim forms. 18
19 Register your name as a website for when you’re rich and famous.
Change your name by deedpoll to V693 AET and become the proud owner of a personalised number plate. 20

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