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28 October 2014

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On yer bike! Cycling in Cambridgeshire
A cyclist
Beat the traffic and cycle to work!

Cycling is great; it can be faster than a bus or car, it's cheap, it doesn't cause pollution and it's great for your health!
Read through our guide to cycling in Cambridgeshire and see if we can't persuade you to get 'on yer bike'!

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Cambridgeshire Traffic News

Cycling in Cambridgeshire Message Board

Travel, Traffic and Transport Message Board

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The national cyclists' organisation.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary Recovered Cycles
An Aladdin's Cave of cycles which have been recovered in the Cambridge area.

Drive Safe, Cycle Safe
Information from the Department for Transport to make motorists and cyclists more aware of one another.

National Cycling Strategy
The NCS aims to increase the use of bicycles for all types of journey.

Cycle Maps Directory
A UK directory of official council cycle maps on the web.

An independent, community-run site for cycling news and information.

The Cambridge Cycling Campaign
Provides a voice for cyclists in our area.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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Cambridge is a great place for cyclists and is one of the top cycling cities in Britain with over 20% of trips being made by bike. Peterborough is also attractive for cyclists with the Millennium Green Wheel providing a network of cycleways that residents can use as a safe route into or out of the city centre.

The benefits of cycling »
Road safety tips and training »

Defensive and assertive cycling
Keep your bike safe »

Cycle marking
The right gear »
Bike lights
Cycle routes »
Cycle message board »

We take a look at why cycling is such a great mode of transport, how to keep your bike safe and secure, how to stay safe on the roads and finally we suggest some cycle routes that you might want to try!

Why cycle?
Speed: Cycling can often be much faster than travelling by bus or car - especially in rush hour.

Convenience: Cycling provides door-to-door transport, you can usually park your bike, for free, right outside your destination!

Health: Cycling improves your strength, stamina and aerobic fitness. According to doctors, regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person 10 years younger! It can also help you to lose weight and will reduce stress levels.

Environment: Cycling does not pollute the atmosphere, it reduces noise and doesn't cause traffic congestion.

Why not cycle?
Vulnerable: Cycling through traffic on a busy road can make some people feel vulnerable. Inconsiderate driving can also make cyclists feel threatened. Is this what's putting YOU off? Some basic cycle training may help you feel more confident »

Poor routes: It can be hard to find a quick, direct and safe cycle route without obstacles such as bridges, parked cars or having to cross busy roads. There are a number of maps available which may help you to plan a safe route. The Cambridge Cycling Campaign's primary focus is to work for a better cycling environment in and around the Cambridge area - you might want to get in touch »

Crime: Lots of people are worried about having their bike damaged or stolen. Read our tips for keeping your bike secure »

Weather: Extreme conditions can discourage people from getting on their bike - whether it's cold, wet and windy, or baking hot! Make sure you're always prepared with the right protective gear, encourage your work place to install shower facilities - and learn to love biking in the fresh air - it feels great!

MoreFind out how to stay safe on the road with some tips on cycling in the traffic and how to get adult cycle training »

Cycling in Cambridgeshire - Have your say
As a cyclist, what makes your blood boil? Inconsiderate motorists? Poor road surfaces? People who park in cycle lanes? Do you think enough consideration is given to cyclists when planning road schemes? Whether cyclist, motorist or pedestrian, let us know your views about cycling on our messageboard.

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