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29 July 2014
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Hunts gymnasts and coaches

Hunts coaches and gymnasts in Beijing

Beijing blog

Coach Paul Hall is soaking up the atmosphere at the Olympic Games in Beijing with Huntingdon's best and brightest hopes for shiny medal success.

Once again, a powerful team from Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club is representing Team GB at a major event. And this time it's the biggest of all time - the Olympic Games in China.

Team GB's delegation from the club are: Marissa King, Kayleigh Cooke, Louis Smith, Daniel Keatings, Paul Hall and Monica Boru (coaches).

Latest update: Thursday 21st August - crispy scorpions, anyone?

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

Last night I ate a scorpion. I didn't fancy the termite mush and they'd run out of frog jelly so had little choice really. Dan tried one too but stopped short of the tail. Best way is down in one and think about crispy bacon - they're really not too bad and the entrepreneur in me is considering a little line in bar snacks back home.

Chinese food (scorpions)

Mmmm... yummy!

Had a great evening last night at the restaurant with families, friends, and colleagues from gymnastics all celebrating the fantastic achievements over the last week. The gymnasts are all looking forward to a few days of rest and sightseeing before the Closing Ceremony on Sunday.† The mood in the Team GB Camp is amazing with our most successful games so far inspiring everybody to work to the max. I hope to see some athletics tonight and maybe some boxing tomorrow.

Louis, Dan, Marissa and Kayleigh all say hi and thanks for the hundreds of messages of support and congratulations that have been flooding in. They are all looking forward to coming home and meeting up.

See you soon!


Wednesday 20th August - a well-deserved rest and a bit of sight-seeing...

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

It's a wonderful feeling to be the other side of a good result and especially good to finish competing and still have a few days to relax, enjoy the Games and see some of the delights of China.†

Great Wall of China

Now that's a Great Wall, Paul Hall!

The guys are celebrating, chilling, and enjoying the unique atmosphere and the jubilation of a successful Team GB Camp, and the girls are cutting hair, painting nails, shopping and soaking up the sun.†

Today I had my first excursion, visiting The Great Wall. You can read about it, watch it on TV but, like any other Wonder of the World, nothing prepares you for the sight of this incredible structure marching across the top of mountains for as far as the eye can see. We took a cable car up, had plenty of photos on the top, and then a hair-raising toboggan ride down at breakneck speed.†

I rather enjoyed telling Monica, our nervous choreographer, that 'brake' was pushing the lever forward and 'speed up' was pull it back. She discovered my ploy about half a kilometre down having nearly broken the sound barrier on a hairpin bend - I'll pay for a new hairdo, I promise.

Had a Chinese meal today and a difficult choice from the traditional menu: spicy edible fungus, deep fried termite mush, or bee chrysalis. I opted for the steak.†

It was great to see Beth (Tweddle) perform the most difficult bars routine of the competition, but a little disappointing to see her in fourth by less than a tenth. It was an amazing performance, full of originality, and worthy of a place on the podium. We can be very proud of all our gymnasts' performances in Beijing, and Beth has been an inspiration to all.

Finally got into the cube and watched some diving, and tomorrow we hope to catch some athletics after a bit of haggling down at the silk market. Louis and Dan slept in this morning and are relishing their first good rest from gymnastics this year. Enjoy it while it lasts!

See you soon, Paul'

Monday 18th August, Bronze in Beijing!

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

It's 4am and I just got in from the competition. Two hours of doping control and five hours of press. Last night Louis fulfilled a dream that saw a British gymnast on the podium in an apparatus final for the first time in 100 years.

louis smith

Louis with his medal in Beijing

The pressure was enormous, many gymnasts tasting the medal a little too early and falling in their needed hour. I always said that he just needed to go through his routine and that was indeed the case. We can forgive his small form breaks in that cauldron of an arena that saw so many favourites unseated from the apparatus.†

It was a tough time for Dan yesterday - so near to a final and very frustrating to watch from the stands knowing that you have a medal-winning performance inside you. He is a great gymnast and will blossom in 2012, I'm sure.

Louis is tired but most of all relieved that it's all over and he stayed on. I asked him what he was thinking of immediately before his qualifications routine and his answer kind of sums him up: 'My nan got up at 4am to watch me perform - I couldn't let her down'.†

His phone crashed after the event under the weight of texts from so many of his friends, their support has definitely helped him keep going. He and Dan can now relax and enjoy the second week without the pressure of having to perform.†

On Saturday I came into the warm-up gym ready to begin the session and could see no sign of Dan and Louis. I looked amongst the gymnasts already stretching out but they were missing and I feared the worst.†

As I leant against the raised staging a hand shot out through the curtain from underneath the podium and grabbed my leg, sending me leaping a few feet in the air, much to the entire gyms' amusement. The dynamic duo were under the floor area laughing their socks off...

Well done guys, you've done your Club and Country proud - enjoy the moment!'


Send our guys your good wishes:

Email your messages of support or use the form at the foot of this page to send your messages to Paul Hall and Team GB.

Thursday 14th August, Beijing

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

It's Thursday afternoon and Dan has just competed in his first Olympic Individual All Around Final.† He improved on both his score and his ranking from the qualifications, finishing 20th overall with a score of 89.000.†††

For Dan it was a marvelous achievement to come to these Games still as a junior and to compete against the 24 best Olympians, despite being the youngest gymnast in the field.†

Dan Keatings Weather

Dan enjoys the weather

A 15.7 on pommels showed just how good he is on this piece and it was great to see him in third overall after the first rotation.† A few wobbles but a solid performance and looking very comfortable at the highest level of his sport.†

The event was won by Yang Wei of China with Uchimura of Japan in Silver and Caranobe of France taking a surprise third place.†

We got caught in the mother of all thunderstorms on the way back but fortunately, Dan made good use of his black bin liner (see photo).†

Louis is training this afternoon and, in just three days, he will fight for a medal in the Pommel† Final.†

Wednesday 13th August, Beijing

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

'Better to be a tiger for one day, than a sheep for a lifetime'† So goes the Chinese proverb and I've really enjoyed seeing so many heroic performances over the past few days.†

From Nicole Cooke sprinting to gold in a thunderstorm after three hours of punishing cycling, to Emms and Robertson coming from behind to beat the Chinese at Badminton.† Team GB are doing ok and our medal tally so far looks a whole lot better than the Eurovision results from a few months ago.†

There's great support in the village for all our athletes and we can visit HQ daily to snap up tickets to other events.† Me and the guys will try to see some athletics next week and I hope to catch the diving once our gym duties are over.

This morning we watched the Chinese women beat USA in a thrilling competition that saw the roof nearly lift off the stadium with 15000 spectators screaming their support.

One of the best competitions I have ever witnessed - nip and tuck between the two great nations all the way until Sacramone of USA succumbed to the intense pressure and made some errors that saw the dreams of victory disappear behind a near perfect Chinese Team.† Marissa and Kayleigh watched from the stands and were inspired by some marvelous work in an incredible, emotional atmosphere.

Louis and Dan have been training for the past three days and are busy preparing for their finest hours.†Dan has been coping with the mornings and is really looking forward to his Olympic All Around Final debut.†

Still a junior, he will enjoy the pleasure of competing alongside the greatest names in our sport, all fighting for the Olympic Title.† Louis forgot his accreditation today and missed the first bus but it gave me a great excuse to nip back to the food hall for two more pieces of pizza so I didn't mind too much.†

Today we practiced sitting for 15 minutes doing nothing and then performing a pommels routine - similar conditions to the big event on Sunday.† Be sure to watch the Beeb at lunchtime!

The guys say hi to all their friends and family at home and can't wait to get back and catch up once the job is done.†Marissa misses Cambridge but not the drive up the A14 to Huntingdon six times a week.†

Kayleigh says "hi" to everyone at the Club and be sure to be there last week of August to say "goodbye", as she leaves for Australia on the 2nd September.

Thanks for all your messages - great support!

See you soon,


Sunday 10th August, Beijing

'Ni Hao from Beijing!'

I just had the most incredible experience.† There I was sitting in my apartment with Nigel the trampoline coach celebrating the fact that Beth Tweddle had just qualified for the bars final, when my ears picked up the familiar sound of a bottle being placed carefully on the ground outside the room.†

I opened the door and there, with the biggest grin ever witnessed, was Nicole Cooke with an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL dangling from her neck.† How cool is that?† Britain's first medal of the Games and it's in the apartment next door to ours.†

Nicole cycled 78 miles in the pouring rain and sprinted like her life depended on it.† She was ecstatic to say the least and it was magical to share her elation and get up close to that bit of metal for which we all crave.

The girls performed well today but finished in ninth place, painfully close to a team final, but not quite enough.† Marissa performed four clean routines to score over 56 all around - she can be very proud.† Becky Downie is in the all around final with Imogen as reserve, and now Beth has a chance for glory - we all wish her well.

Louis and Dan had a rest day today and are a little hoarse after supporting the girls from the stands.†A day full of emotion, some highs, some lows, but I'll never forget that medal winning smile - top job Nicole!

Bye for now,


Saturday 9th August, Beijing

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

Well, I won't forget the past 24 hours for a long time.†I witnessed the most incredible opening ceremony and then watched Louis and Daniel perform superbly in Subdivision One of the Men's Artistic Qualifications at the Beijing Olympics.

Louis has created a bit of history by becoming the first British gymnast to make a final at this event since the Second World War, and Daniel, still a junior, has qualified for the all around final amongst 24 of the best exponents on the planet.†

The guys were extremely focused and performed great routines across six apparatus but I can tell you that playing the waiting game for eight hours whilst watching other gymnasts trying to take your finals place is far more stressful than being in the competition arena.†

It went right to the wire, with a Korean gymnast pushing Dan into first reserve on horse with an equal score but placed higher due to less execution deductions relative to difficulty.

My favourite moment at the opening ceremony was just two minutes before the official start.†Two and a half thousand people moved into the central arena, each pushing a metre square drum.† They stood in perfect formation for over 20 minutes without a flicker of movement and, as the clock ate the seconds, a hush descended on the stadium creating the most incredible tension and expectation.†

I held my breath and waited for the roar of this army as they moved in perfect synchronicity while the drums beat out the heartbeat we all felt so keenly.†The power of crowds and the ingenuity of man were on display and, at times, I could not believe what I was seeing- an incredible evening.

Louis and Dan look forward to their first day off tomorrow and will go back to the gym to cheer on the girls in their quest to make a Team Final.† Then we start again ready for next week.

Five years ago to this day a dear friend of mine, Terry Sharpington, left me with the task of continuing his life's work at the gym at Huntingdon.† I sat with him the night before he died and we laughed about the wonderful moments that the sport had given us both.†

After sharing some of the many anecdotes about Louis Smith, Terry got serious and fixed me with a piercing stare: 'Louis is the one, Paul.† Remember what I say- he will be your champion.'

Terry, right again mate.


Saturday 9th August, 12.45am (Beijing time)

On his way back to the Olympic Village, Paul Hall tells BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's Antonia Brickell about the magnificent opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, 2008.

Friday 8th August, Beijing

'Ni Hao form Beijing!

Well, the day has finally arrived and in less than 24 hours Louis and Daniel will have competed in the qualification event at the National Indoor Stadium. Today we drove past a clock that has been counting down the minutes over the last 4 years and it was showing just 8 hours left - the excitement is building!†

Training was great this morning with all gymnasts focused on tomorrow's job and working with a soldier's discipline. Louis and Dan are in good form and, despite the early training slots, are still managing to smile and enjoy the experience. Marissa and the rest of the Team seemed to have had a good, safe podium and are having lighter training today before their big day on Sunday.

We have our orders for tonight's opening ceremony and have to gather well in advance as the logistics of moving 10,000 athletes into a capacity stadium must be immense. It's just a 20 minute walk from the village but quite tough in this heat.

Been playing guess the sport and am now pretty adept at recognising the cauliflower ears of wrestlers, strange tans of the cyclists and the gazelle-like elegance of some of the female track athletes. I'm sharing with three other coaches and the apartment is now looking (and smelling) like students' accommodation. Did the ironing last night but please don't tell Kim.

Thanks for all your kind words - we all feel so well supported out here and very keen to do the job. See you on the other side...


Wednesday 6th August, Olympic Village, Beijing

'Ni Hao from Beijing,

Just two days to go and things are hotting up. There's a palpable excitement in the Village as it stretches to near-capacity with athletes from all over the planet. Queues are quick to die down but also a great leveller - I enjoyed the laundry line a few days ago as I found myself ahead of Sir Clive Woodward patiently clutching his two bags of whites and coloureds...

The flag-raising ceremony was our first (and definitely not last) opportunity to hear the National Anthem in front of a host of media as well as the Village mayor who greeted us, along with the angelic voices of a Chinese school choir. We followed this with afternoon tea in a traditional Chinese Tea House, complete with choreographed pouring by a graceful hostess and some wonderful dancing from a balletic group on the front stage.† A very pleasant afternoon and a great taste of the best of China.

The gymnasts are fine and putting the finishing touches to a lifetime of work in the hope that it will all come good this weekend. Louis and Dan completed podium training this morning, a safe job but keeping their best for Saturday, I'm sure.†

The arena is vast - 18,000 seats that seem to disappear into the heavens, and cameras covering every corner of the arena. We trained with USA, Italy, Spain and a few individuals and had a good look at how everybody was doing. Marissa and the girls have podium tomorrow, then the opening ceremony on Friday and straight in to competition at the weekend.††

Apparently, a guy called Nadal strayed in to the food hall for a meal yesterday; he's a tennis player or something...

That's all for now. Can't wait for the Opening Ceremony!'

Sunday 3rd August, Olympic Village, Beijing

'Ni Hao from Beijing!

Day 6 and I've found the marmite. Breakfast is now a perfect mix of muesli, fruit, coffee and toast with the spread from home. One of the problems with a food hall so vast is that you need a week to work out the best route for all your favourite fayre, but I'm there now.

Walked through the Olympic Park yesterday evening, past the Bird's Nest and a full-on dress rehearsal for Friday's opening. The streets were overflowing with legions of participants in fancy dress and with various props, and the evening finished with an awesome firework display, still only a miniature version of what is to come. The atmosphere, lighting, and visual spectacle is just incredible - be sure to watch!

Team GB are beginning to populate the village, with the cyclists arriving this morning and the main bulk over the next few days. Even the weather seems a part of the meticulous organisation with gorgeous blue skies appearing with just 5 days to go. The guys want to say a few words:

A few words from our Hunts gymnasts...

'Hi everyone back home! Marissa here! China is amazing... the village is huge and training preparations are going really well towards the Games. When we arrived the weather wasn't so great as it was rather smoggy and one time it chucked it down with rain and we all got drenched! Now the weather's beautiful and sunny with clear blue skies :) The village was quite quiet when we arrived but is quickly filling up by the day with so many different athletes from all over the world. Hopefully things will continue to run smoothly up towards our competition and we'll do our country proud!'

'Yo, Louis here! Me and Dan are fine and soaking up the sun and enjoying the scenery. Not really - we're training every day and getting loadsa rest before the big day on Saturday. The village is awesome and I'm enjoying the food. Hi to all back home, especially my Peterborough friends and all at the gym. Mardi, have you caught that kovacs yet? And how's the suntan Luke? We have podium training on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to the final stages. Catch you later x'

Dan: 'Hi everybody, especially family and friends in Corby. Don't be cross mum - I'm sharing in a small room with Louis and it's all his mess, honest. Please can you call me at 7 each morning to make sure I get up (midnight your time). Am loving the village lifestyle and enjoying the sights. The Olympic Venue is amazing and training is going good. Hope you are all working hard back at the gym - keep out of my locker!† Dan K'

Cheers, Paul

Thursday 31st July 2008, Olympic Village, Beijing

Ni Hao from Beijing,

We've been here 4 days now and we're all settling in to the sights and sounds of Village life.† Louis and Dan are training well and have done all elements and combinations ready for next week. Dan is currently leading on the basketball video game challenge but I'm pleased to say that I'm just ahead of the two Olympians on the daily brain training quiz that entertains us on the transfer bus to the gym.

The heavens opened this afternoon but fortunately Louis and I were well prepared with our Team GB umbrellas. Daniel got soaked!

The facilities are absolutely incredible; even the warm-up gyms have a full podium set up, and I'm enjoying the friendly chats with the legions of volunteers, eager to help.† I especially liked the sign above the medical fridge in gym 2 today: 'The medical ice piece forbids edible', or don't eat the physio's ice, if you need a translation.

The girls have just arrived from Macau and I'm happy to report that all seems well. Colin is full of stories and photos of the Cirque De Soleil, Chelsea FC, and great training in a fantastic Camp - Macau sounds wonderful!

Thanks to all of you who have sent messages, they are very special and much appreciated.†

Bye for now, Paul

Tuesday 29th July 2008, Olympic Village, Beijing

'Ni Hao!

Louis, Dan and me arrived safely in Beijing yesterday (Monday) following a 10 hour overnight flight.† We've yet to see the sky and it's very hot and humid but there seems to be turbo-charged air conditioning everywhere we go. The Olympics are all over the city and our journey to the village saw buildings, lamp posts, and buses festooned with the 5 rings, and it was great to drive past the Birds Nest and National Stadium where all the action will happen in less than 2 weeks.†

We're amongst the first teams to enter the village so it's a little quiet at the moment, but every hour the world's greatest athletes are pouring in and making little nations of their apartment complexes. It's an amazing centre with 3 room apartments furnished to a high standard with every facility to hand.

Little Britain

Team GB shipped in its own red telephone box and have done a fantastic job in making this place feel like a home from home. Dan and Louis are in gaming heaven having found the video arcade with the latest machines all free of charge. The Food Hall is the size of 4 football pitches and boasts cuisine from all around the world, served 24 hours a day.† Discipline is key as what is probably the world's only free McDonalds tempts everybody from a corner of the centre- so far the guys have stuck with steaks and salad.†

There is a massive amount of volunteers who are at pains to help everybody get orientated and enjoy the experience.† Each has been taught a few valuable sentences in English but are a little lost if you stray too far from their specialised subject. I especially enjoyed the: 'Thank you for cooperating with me,' from the burly security guard who frisked me at Village check in - as if I would do otherwise!

We had a good training session this morning (Tuesday), considering it was 2am British time, and Dan and Louis are fit and well and ready for action. We are training with the Italian and Spanish teams in a superbly equipped facility. London already has a hard act to follow!

Hi to everyone back home, especially all at Huntingdon Gym, working hard for 2012, I hope!

Bye for now, Paul.

Support our gymnasts!

You can leave your comments and messages of support for Team GB's gymnasts using the box at the foot of this page, or email them to: As you can see, Paul and the team have good access to technology and we know from past blogs that he and guys and girls read and really appreciate your support.

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Clive Palmer
Well done to you Paul and to the team for their amazing achievements. You made Steve Jellet a proud man this month! I will cook you some seaweed and boiled rice in a wigwam next time we meet as it seems your culinary tastes have shifted eastwards. Louis, good comments at the press conference, well done.We are all very proud of you, lots of loveClive Rin and Grace XXX

Matt Bullimore
Many, many congratulations to you all! Wonderful work!Matt and the "Bullimores"

daniella baronowski
well done louis i knew youd do well.all your hard work has paid off, all them hand stands in class haha.see you at your welcome back to peterborough x

Well done Louis we all new you had it in you!!! Words can't describe the feeling of watching you on the big screen. I no nanny nearly went blue with excitement.... It's so over whelming to just think back and see all your hard work pay off!! For you and your mum, Iím so proud to be part of your family. Big Hugs Barbie.x.x.x.x

Shirley and Bob Bannon
Well done to all, it makes us proud to be British, so much detemination and effort.Go GB go

Dom Siddall
Guys - what can we say? Brilliant!

Lottie Smith (HOGC)
Fantastic result Louis. Well done.

WOW weeeeeee! Fantastic Result but you'll have to continue till 2012 now louis, if you want your gold! Neil just told me how to work this thing. I tried to text you some luck on Paul's phone but Sergei recieved it? It's been going Mad here no one can wait for you all to return we are so Happy. Ben has been running around like a mad person doing tv and radio stuff trying to turn your historic success into funding. All the juniors are very pleased to be in the back groung on look east. Little Morris thinks she is a film star. Anyway very well done to you all Paul, Monica, Louis Dan, Marissa and Kayliegh maybe they will let us keep the Olympic in Huntingdon now?

Helen Mcculloch
Congratulations Louis.All your hard work paid off - Terry would be proud.Well done Paul too for your hard work.In fact well done to all the HOGC gymnasts - you all worked hard.

Mandy & Tracy (Aunty Karon's Workmates)
Hey Daniel.Congratulation. We are so very proud of our Corby lad. Can't wait to see you at the next BBQ. Don't forget us when the ticket go on sale for 2012.

Fay Spencer
Wow Louis! What an immense acheivement. A bronze medal at the olympic games. You and your family must be really proud. Well done and congratulations!!!!

Jenny Sharpington
Louis - what a star!! Everyone here is so proud of you. Daniel - an amazing achievement for a junior in the all-around - what a performance. Paul - well done - onwards & upwards now!! Love to all of you. Jen

Nathan Dyer
we are doing the best we have ever done and there is still 7 days to go, we gotta win this, COME ON ENGLAND YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

maureen keatley
Well done DANIEL youve done Corby proud and your granny and grandad are really proud of you.Maureen and family Kiel WALK ALSO GOOD LUCK TO THE TEAM

maureen keatley
Well done DANIEL youve done Corby proud and your granny and grandad are really proud of you.Maureen and family Kiel WALK

neil zoe lauren and little ad
hi guys hope you are all proud of you all.dan and lou,read pauls comments about you hiding under the stage,nice to see you are keeping it real.lou watched it live but had to go out of the room while the last 2 guys performed. i had zoe and the kids shouting what was going on from the lounge.where was my signal when you reciceved your medal.i will let you off this time but not in brought a tear to my eye but dont tell any one as it may ruin my street cred.missing you all and cant wait to see you all back in the and best wishesneil zoe lauren and little ad ps dan dont forget to pinch me a beijing ashtray or something. neil

sims gymnastics peterborough
huge congratulations to louis, well done! we were all watching and cheering you on. so fantastic to see you getting an olympic medal! congrats also to daniel, amazing routines you were brilliant! well done also to marissa, and the rest of the G.B team, superb gymnastics. well done Huntingdon!


Lee woolls
Well done Louis! I am so proud to see you get that medal knowing all of the hard work that you and Paul have put in over all of the years. WELL DONE AGAIN

Clark Gould
Well done Louis, that was awesome. You did yourself really proud. Good Job!!!

Auntie Karon
Hi Dan, Just back from Ireland. What a performance.You were number 1 on the pommel. We are behind you in all that you do!!!Love Karon Ed & Boys X

Rebecca Fegan
hey all, well done daniel and good luck on sunday louis, we will all be watching! x

Doug Berwick & Janette Skipper
Hi Paul,Beijing Olympics eh? That's a long way to travel from your first professional coaching job at Kings Lynn Gym Club. It's great to see you and your gymnasts doing so well. They are a credit to you. You deserve your success. Give us a call sometime when you're back in the country. Wierd to see you on the telly. You were back on "You've Been Framed" the other day with Mark pinging off rings and knocking you on your bum. One of our old boys, Danny Kerry is the coach for the GB womens hockey team. Say hello from us if you come across him. Best wishes from us and Mark

Hi Paul so happy to see you on the T.V and heard Mitch Fenner say you are a great Coach for the boys. I am so proud and happy to see your Blog on Cathy's computer. Take care and keep up the good work, God bless you, lots of love Mummaxxx

Cathy Turner
Hi Paul, very good Blog and impressive T.V and Radio interviews! Well done to Dan and will try to watch on Sunday,Love Cathyxx

Mathew Bullimore
Great to see you guys competing at the highest level. Wishing you every success. Go HOGC! Mat and the "Bullimores"

Mathew Bullimores
So great to see you guys competing at the hightest level. Well done to you all!Looking forward to the finals - go HOGC. Best wishes, Matt and the "Bullimores"

Andrew Webb
CONGRATULATIONS Daniel. Excellent performance in the all around. 20th place for a junior amongst the world's seniors. Inpressive pommels score too. Good luck to you Louis for pommels final. Go show 'em what us brits are made of.

Aunt Anita
Well done babe - I'm so very proud! You gave an excellent performance at the Olympics, placed 20th in the world and still a junior - what an achievement Daniel. XXX

Well done to Daniel, best pommel worker in the AA. That must be something really rewarding to take from the meet. Good luck to Louis for the weekend.

Benji Eyre (Huntingdon Olympic Gymnastics Club)
Good luck Dan and Louis. I really want to see an Olympic medal(s)!!

hi louis we have all been watching u my mum was really excited for seeing u she was jumping around the living room. i hope you get the gold meddle for great britain look forward for seeing u

Harry O'Driscoll
Good luck to you all.Have been really enjoying watching you on telly. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back ( hopefully with a medal ) My mum is really cross i'am up at this time of night sending you messages. Best wishes Harry.

Karen & Gary Sait & Family
Hi Dan, congratulations on your achievements so far, you have a big mention in the ET this evening. Best of luck to you and your team mates.

Peter Rutherford
Good luck to all and remember to enjoy the experience.

Rebecca Smith Junior Elite at HOGC
We are all so proud of you, I look up to you all, I even got up at 3am to watch gym whilst on holiday in Turkey last week, the Turkish station only showed volleyball though. I am training hard at the gym and so wish to be as good as you. Love Becky Smith (Smithy)

Carolyn Traynor (Spaldwick!)
I have really enjoyed reading the blog and feel so proud of you all. It's great to see how much support you have in all these messages. Everyone at home is right behind you and is deriving a great deal of pleasure from your success. Well done, lads! GOOD LUCK!

Marion Pearson
Well Done Louis. Looking out for you.Good Luck to the others.

Grandad Den
Good stuff Dan, you deserved to be in the top 8 never mind Buddie onward und upwards Buddie LOL GDD. Louis well done matey good luck to you both

Sue, Tony Ben and Alex
Go Loius! we're watching you from the USA. Your awesome!!!

Peter Beckett
HOGC very quiet without you! Thoroughly enjoying the tv coverage and thrilled with the commentators remarks about your performances. Well done. With you all the way.

Jenny Sharpington
Dan & Louis - congratulations on qualifying for your finals, it was wonderful seeing your performances. I feel so proud of you both, just as I know Terry would be. Marissa & Kayleigh - all the best of luck for tomorrow, I'll be glued to the screen!Paul & Monica - I'm so pleased that all your hard work has been rewarded and hope you are enjoying your Olympic experience. Good luck & much love - Jen

Ad and Nic
Whoop! Congrats on making a final each. Dan i thought you were robbed mate but spose thats pay back for being a dirty red half! Lou bear please pull out the most amazingly great routine int final and sneak onto the podium! No pressure!`Paul well done, say goodluck to the gals for me cos im not there!!!!!!!Love to all xx

The Warings and Paul's Mum
Mum says hello wonderful son, she sends lots of love and kisses and good luck wishes. xxAlso, good luck brother Paul. We are so proud and watching you and the boys every step of the way. Wishing you all a great time and enjoy the fab experience. Lots of love, Grace, Ian, Ellie and Bellie. xx

Ad "the mug" Folwell
hey kido's just thought i should send you a polite note to wish you all the best! Paul, the gym has gone belly up since you left just remember to leave me in charge next time you go away! I shall be setting my alarm clock to watch the archery and weightlifting cos those are real sports not like that gym gash! Fingers crossed for the rings finalsLove you always xxxxx Ad xxx

Neil, Zoe, Lauren and Adam Sparrow
Hi all, Neil hereBack from our holiday in Tenerife and ready for my week at Lilleshall. Hope you are all well. Paul you will be pleased to here I kept an eye on Luke whilst on holiday (I had him up every morning at 7am conditioning). By the way Louis, Luke was lying about his tan being washed away by the rain, he never got one in the first place!!! You will be pleased to here I beat him in the Tenerife crazy golf open (by 10 shots) as well as a day in the water park where I beat him on rides. Luke said it was because I had a weight advantage but I put it down to body tension. Anyway enough about us, we are all thinking of you in Beijing. You have made us so proud with your efforts and achievements thus far. We will be watching you all with fingers crossed over the next week or so. Have a great time, enjoy, and we all look forward to seeing you soon Love and best wishesNeil, ZoŽ, Lauren and little Ad

James Hall (Pegasus GC)
Hi, good luck with the competitions, hope all goes well and bring some medals, lots of medals!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Loz Smith SYMCA
good luck to all the GB team!bring back loads of medals.

Shipp Family
Good luck Daniel, we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

Poppy Hall (Paul's daughter)
Hi Dadda I Love you lots, and I really miss you! I hope your having a great time in beijing! Good luck and keep smiling!Love Pipi

Steve Johnson
All the best to everyone representing team GB. We will be following your progress from back home. Good luck to all, hello and best wishes to Daniel from all your friends at Corby Borough Council

Gordon Mitchell
Hi Marisa Good luck hope it all goes well. Hope to see you when you get back. lots of love Gordon

Lottie Smith (Huntingdon Gym Club)
Good Luck everybody.xx

sue, jakeem,paul & the five bells!
all behind you here at wootton bassett louis, you can do it! love you

Erin Munnelly
Marissa: I just want to say good luck!!!! We all are wishing the best of luck and you know that we all love you- we are so proud of you- we knew you could get there!!! Everyone is looking out for you and wishing you the greatest luck- Ill see you when you get back and we can celebrate my birthday in true style!!!!!GOOD LUCKxxx

Lesley Keatings
Good Luck Dan,and the rest of team GB. Show them all what you can do xxx

Selina Daley at AFCO Cambs
Good luck to you all!!!From all at the Armed Force Careers Office.

Ian Steeples
Good luck Paul, best wishes from Linda, Ian, Lisa & Hannah.

Karen Taylor
Well done for all you hard work, good luck and all the best! X

john smith 30 cleve pl
you go kid give them *%&!. you no what you can do so do it mate and come back with gold. all our love mate the kids send there love to.

Karon Garscadden
Good luck to all in team GB. We are rooting for you all. Keeping my fingers crossed Dan. Karon, Ed & Boys.

Ben Howells
AHhh . . . . the gym's burn't down - quick, get a medal and get back here!!! ha ha, not! Yo, hello and whats up, from us lot in 'merry ole England'.† Great being able to read these bloggs and listen and watch you guy's on-line, tv and the radio.† Looking forward to the big day.† You're all doing us proud just by being there.† Its sounds really great - especially the food part,† think i'd be lost in there for days.† Luke has actually got a TAN and mardiwon't catch a kovacs (on purpose, so he says), everyone else is training well.† Summer camp is going well and yes - I am the BBQ king!† Good luck and all the best, but of course luck is not needed and you guy's and girls are 'simply the best'.† You are in our eyes already champions, enjoy showing the rest of the world what us Brit's are made of.† Now get out there and kick some booty.† Come on HOGC, come on GB.

Auntie Joyce, Uncle Jim & all the family in Locker
Good luck Daniel, we're all rooting for you here in Lockerbie. Take Care xxx

Lily Naylor
Good luck to the GB team you are the best!! I live in Peterborough and train at a gym there but right now I am on vacation with my family in Florida. We will be cheering for you all.

heather allen
hey dan and louis we no you can do it so go bring us some medals home.And then dan we can have another barbie and your dad can finish the shed of lol love auntie heather and clan xxx

willie keatings
All the best in qualifying on saturday Daniel and Louis, we're all thinking about you. Best of luck! Super dooper

yo louis china sounds good hot weather its been nice here too .we are all missing you on call of duty good luck mate we are all routin for you and good luck team GB

daniella baronowski
hay you just wanted to say good luck ill be on holiday when your in action but ill try facebook you before i go. were all supporting you back in peterborough, i no youll do well. take care x

Sarah Kirby
Loving the messages and blogs. Louis - do Peterborough proud, we're all pulling for you and Dan too of course. Keep the messages coming!

Peter Hall
Hi Bruv,Just a few friendly words of encouragement to you and the team from your better looking twin....Great to read that you have settled in and making use of the facilities - the tiger beer really is great for helping you unwind and relax before such a big event...We are all really proud of you back home and I know that Team GB are gonna do an amazing job - please pass on our best wishes to all your gymnasts and tell them we'll be watching and willing them to achieve the success they all deserve. Make sure you give us a wave at the opening ceremony on Friday....Peter.

Tina Williams - BERMUDA
Good Luck team GB

Lisa Gannon
Hi team GB! Will be glued to the box and wishing you all the success you deserve. Enjoy a fantastic trip - your dreams are becoming reality! Lots of love x

Hilary Dixon
Good luck and enjoy it! Will be watching on various TVs from Huntingdon to Lilleshall... The girls send everyone all the best -you'll be brilliant!

hello paul.are you having a fun time out there? i scored 16.8 on high bar yesterday but i had no in bar.told you i dont need 1 hahaha only joking.hope all is well,see you when you get back x

Previet gentelmen. My tan was looking nice till i got home lou and the rain has washed it And dan i've been in your locker and thrown everything on the floor!haha! And ripped your liverpool top up! Just a quick one tho lads, good luck on satdee me and mardi will be thinking about you and hoping you nail it. Then you can teach that xiao quinn bloke how to swing the pommel the huntingdon way!!! 16.3 the other day lou bear not bad but i reckon dan can do better :) Good luck again and paul i expect to to climp the birds nest before you come home!! See you wen you get back xx

jenni pinches-aka 'nej' XD
wooo!!Good luck all of you!!Marissa i will be screaming for you and wil probably defean my mum in our lounge!You all deserve to be there, have fun and do well for GB ! xxx

Sadie Fletcher
Wishin TEAM GB best of British luck - esp all you guys from Huntingdon - That's my old gymnastics club-It's always been a special place and I was lucky enough to train under the magical Terry Sharpington and his wife back in the day at the old oxmoore estate school gym before the move - I remember Hommerton Trials for the intersquad at 10yrs old like it was yesterday- altho I left at 11 to study ballet full time - but I spent 4 days a wk training there -some of the most fun days of my childhood and the training I received stands me in good stead today - Amazing people, amazing coaching :) Shout out to Becky Morgan - I remember your mum helping out too - can't wait for it to see this -Represent Y'all :)

AD and Marion Goodman and Family
Good Luck Dan and all of Team GB Everyone in Corby is rooting for you. Enjoy every moment!!

The Franklins
Come on Dan the man, do it for Corby, with you all the way pal!!xx

william m keatings
hi dan,louis good luck were all rooting for you rangers o liverpool 4 just a friendly thank god gran/grandad

Marie and Craig Shaw, Corby
Good luck Daniel (and the rest of team GB) with the qualifiers on Saturday... we will be cheering for you

Good luck not that your need it,show them what GB gymnasts can do.

Thomas Verdicchio
good luck to you all cant wait to see you on tv, well done!!Thomas Verdicchio development boys Huntingdon

Steve Woodall, Berkhamsted GC
Hi Paul, great to see Huntingdon doing so well! Good luck to team GB, we'll all be glued to the screen. Dan and Louis, you've made a big impression at our club and the lads are cheering you on all the way!

Chigzzy P
go go Marissa!! wooop wooop!! love you. try an be as good as me!!

Thomas Verdicchio (age 7)
Cant wait to see you all on tv am really proud of you all well done and good luck x xThomas verdicchio developement boys HGC

Fay Spencer
Hi Louis,I've been rallying plenty of support for you and we wish you every success. I'm sure your hard work will pay off.

Amanda Bronnum-Lee
Good luck team GB. We will be cheering you on from our home in Australia....(Kayleigh's aunt and cousins xx)

katie sime
Good luck to the Huntingdon gymnasts.Terry would have been so proud of you all. Enjoy every moment of your Olympic dream.

Mansfield Olympic Gym Club
Wishing you all the best of luck from our Members at Mansfield Olympic Gym Club.GOOD LUCK!!

katie childs
go on beth shame you cant do beam and vault but your'll do well on the restgood luck

Tracey and Pascale Lespeare
Good Luck to Team GB. Louis you are in our thoughts. Dig in and bring home a shiny one!!!!!! Lots of love x

Rinny, Clive and Gracie
We hear that Poppy has got a job offer, seems she has inherited the Hall adrenaline search!! Clivey is somewhere in the North Sea currently with a pile of beers for ballast in the canoe (gulp). Looking forward to sharing wigwams after the comp (makes it sound like a regional final!)so Good luck to you all and come back with smiles on your faces.

just a quick one to say all the best to louis and dan, theres plenty of us backing you all the way.

alasdair mackie
Dan and Louis. One week to go and all that hard work must have been worth it. Have a great time - oh and bring back lots of medals

Good luck to all our GB gymnasts. We'll all be routing for you and cheering you on at home! Have an amazing time in Beijing!

Mike Baker
Best Wishes. We're minding the gym in your absence!

Rhys McClenaghan - 9 yrs - Salto
To louis and Dan,good luck in Beijing hope you do well. Make sure you point your toes !!!

Harry (West Walton Gym Club)
Good luck Dan, Louis and marrisa your hard work in the gym will pay off. our gymnasts will be watching and cheering you on, were all proud so good luck and kick some butt.

Henry Howe
Good luck boys im sure you will do GB proud. Cant wait to see all your medals when your back at huntingdon!

Good Luck Louis, will keep looking at the Blogs that your mum told me about.

Mike Moore
Team GB is just full of talent. Good luck in fulfilling your potential!!

Cat - A friend from back home
Hey Louis, good luck mate do your best and make us proud!! Good luck to the rest of the GB team x

Wish the lads good luck from all at Sutton.

Good Luck everyone - Lewi we will be watching u and keeping our fingers and toes crossed. See you Soon. Good Luck. x.x.x.x.x

Good luck MARISSA!!! wooo hooo!!

Newport Olympic Gym Club
Hi Louis & Daniel from Newport Boys. We often see you guy's training at Lilleshall - very impressive. Good luck for the games and do your best.

Tony Duchars Isle of Man
Hi.We have Marius Urzica coaching us on the Isle of Man for 10 days. My Pommell is really improving. He says his Olymic Gold Medal was the best day in competitions. Hope you win a medal.

Mrs.Lister ,family& Clare
Good Luck to Lewis and the team. We will all be glued to the T.V. Thanks Paul for all your hard work.

Katrina Cunningham
Just like to wish all the BG gymnasts the best of luck. My son does gymnastics and so we will be watching with great interest and keeping our fingers crossed for a few medals. GOOD LUCK

elaine petch ,louis mum
hi all love reading the blog sounds like you having a good time i will be seeing you soon good luck to team gb especialy all gymnast

Andrew Webb, Falkirk School of Gymnastics
'Ni Hao! Come on Team GB, and come on Huntingdon! Awe ra best to everyone in your preparations, we'll be watching and living every moment with you from our arm chairs. That's if any of us can work out how to set up the damn digital recorder, lol. Dan and Louis, keep your heads in the game and do everything Paul tells you, you'll do us all proud. Oh and avoid the McCockroach Sandwiches.

kyle townsend he is my cousin age 9.
hello its kyle zanya son, good luck and hope you get a medal louis. im at your mum, i had my photo taken with my mum and nan and everyone else, and we are goona be in the paper. good luck and we will be watching you.

Lee woolls
The famous blog once again Mr Hall! Good luck, Lucy and i have our fingers crossed for the Huntingdon and Team GB clan.

Dom Siddall
Hi Paul,Great to read how it's going and will look forward to new additions to the 'Hall Memoirs' when you return. Send the lads best wishes - can't wait to watch them competing! I'm sure they will do themselves proud,Dom

Love the blog - good luck GB!

John White
Hi Paul, Best wishes & good luck to you and the rest of the teamMake the hard work pay off

Ray Pollard (Beckford)
Good luck Louis. Good Luck Daniel. Enjoy the occasion and bring the medals home!

An outstanding job so far. I have a good feeling about Beijing. See you in a couple of days!!

Sarah Binding
Good luck to all the GB gymnasts out there! we wish you every success in the competition and look forward to reading about your experiences.. well done so far! Cant wait for the competition to begin!

hi to all of you!! good luck & miss you a lot, Monica :(

Pauls wife and children and friend Sue !!
Enjoy your fantastic trip , we are really proud af you all , you have worked so hard you deserve the best !!!! Sorry Im not there with you all to share your success or to annoy you with my rendition of puff the magic dragon !!!! Love Kim ,Poppy , Moggy and Sue and Derek and Sedgerick and Sally Woooooo x x


Jayne Evett
From the Isle of Man I send you all good wishes for a great games. Enjoy the experience and focus on what you have to do. We all know that you will do your best so go out there and enjoy!! Good Luck!

Dear Louis and DanielIt feels special seeing the pictures of you there in Beijing. I am sure you will do your best to get the performance of your lives. That's what counts the most.I photocopy the interview that both of you gave to the BBC to read to the boys back in the gym. What better to encourage them into the sport tha what you say in thereI am proud of you guysAll the best for you the girls and the coachesNorberto

Hi Paul, it was great to see you at Guildford during the Women's britsh championships, I am really very proud of you to be a great coach to your four gymnasts to be at Beijing olympic games, I hope they will bring some medals back home! Have a nice time therelove Mike

Vlad Shchegolev Salto
Good luck Paul,Good luck boys Dan and louis!Have a nice comp in Beijing

mandy mansfield
GOOD LUCK to you all do your best & hold your heads high Britain is proud of all you who support England in sport of any kind. Well done for getting there. Best of luck again.

Helen McCulloch
I was a member of HOGC many moons ago when it first started. I can't believe how much the club has come on. And that's due to the deidcation of the coaches, parents and most importantly the gymnsatics.Good luck Louis, Daniel, Marissa and Kayleigh. I'm sure all your hard work will pay off. I will up in the early hours of the morning support all four of you!!GOOD LUCK

daniela nanova
Woh,,Paul.You could be with no doubt very good editor.I enjoedvery much your coments and expetience in Beijing.Hope everything goes WELL for Dani and Louis and everybody of course!!!!With big interest I will be reading your daily news.Good luck and God bless!!!! Love -Daniela-baba jaga

Kettering Gymnastics Club
Good luck to everyone, have a great time and enjoy the experience.from Coaches and Gymnasts at Kettering OGC

Jozsef Ferencz
Good luck Paul.You are doing an excellent job, the boys can't do it otherwise

Kay Cook.
Good Luck Guys and Girls go and put Huntingdon on the world stage. The flags will certainly be flying back home and elsewhere . The Cook family from Willingham. (Huntingdon is my home town )

Clark Gould (Waveney)
Good luck Louis and Dan, (not forgetting the girls of course)Can't wait to watch you in action, you'll do England proud I know. Don't forget to pack your medals before you come home!!!!!See you in Huntingdon.CLARK G

Steve Brown
Its a long time since we met but Toby and I wish you and the team all the best for the games.

All the very best of luck to our gymnasts. I'll be watching back home from the UK.

Clare Duchars Ellan Vannin Gymnastics
Good Luck Everybody.Keep focused, you can enjoy the atmosphere after competition!!!

Nikki Hanley
Good luck guys - I'm so excited for you - can't wait for it all to kick off now. xx

Angie Cooke
Good luck to you all and best wishes. I am sure you will do fab. Do remember, however to enjoy yourselves too..

Katarina Keatings
Hi it's me again, please tell Daniel that Robbie Keane has signed for Liverpool FC for £20 millionpounds.

Katarina Keatings
Good Luck to all in Team GB,wishing you every success especially the Gymnasts. Hope to see you all soon in Beijing.

You deserve to be winners.GOOD LUCK

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