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24 September 2014

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credit crunch

You are in: Cambridgeshire > credit crunch > Crunching down on credit...

Graphic: Squeezed?

Crunching down on credit...

What are you doing to beat the credit crunch? Here are just a few of the ways that Cambridgeshire folk are biting the bullet and tightening their belts...

Feeling the pinch, tightening your belts and cracking down on credit... here are just some of the ways the credit crunch is affecting people in Cambridgeshire, and some of the ingenious ways you're getting around it...

Got any better suggestions? Email your credit crunch stories and experiences to us and we'll add them to this page:

Feeling the crunch

Diversify your business: A pub in Peterborough believes it has found the answer to the credit crunch by inviting regulars to pop in for a Wii! Rupert Shakespeare, who owns the Chequers in Orton Wistow, says takings are up since he introduced the games console in his pub. Saturday night competition is fierce as people do battle on Super Mario Kart and the Olympics game.

Man with lawnmower

Set up a syndicate: Got an expensive purchase you can't really afford but desperately need? Friends and neighbours are pitching in to purchase costly but little-used items such as lawnmowers and then setting up rotas so that everyone can mow their lawn without leaving the mower idling in the shed for weeks at a time!

And villagers in Reed, near Royston are saving up to 20% on their fuel costs by clubbing together and buying their central heating oil in bulk. They simply order it four times a year which saves on delivery costs too!

There are lots of ways to save money at work, too. Have you ever thought about swapping your dvds, books and cds with your colleagues? If enough of you take part, there should be plenty to choose from which could sort out your entertainment needs for weeks!

A cash till

Retail therapy

Buy it on the cheap: This isn't suitable for everyone, but thrifty Becky called BBC Radio Cambridgeshire to explain that she feeds her husband and four boys on food that's about to go out-of-date. She's able to shop regularly so can cook the food the same day and says she saves loads of money that way... AND she doesn't waste anything, which is exactly what the government is encouraging all of us to do.

Listen to Becky explaining to Andie Harper how she beats the credit crunch without losing that appetising crunch in her kids' daily diet:

Did you know there are websites out there which offer money-off vouchers and voucher codes for downloading? Try searching on 'voucher codes' in a search engine such as Google and you should find quite a few money-saving sites.

Sweet charity: Charity shops aren't everyone's cup of tea, but as the crunch continues to bite, charity shops such as Scope in Peterborough tell us that business is definitely on the up. It's a win-win option, surely? You can save money and get that warm, fuzzy 'I've just done a good thing' feeling, to boot!

Send us your credit crunch stories

Email your money-saving ideas and let us know how the credit crunch is affecting you.

In a pickle?

There are lots of helpful organisations and websites packed with advice and money-saving tips, so, if you're feeling the pinch - and who isn't - try one of these:

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Have Your Say

Tell us how the credit crunch is affecting you and how you're managing to cope with it...

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Maxine Holland
I am struggling with fuel bills, water bills, rising Council tax (why does it go up every year, increasing petrol prices (I do own a small car). I cant afford to go out let alone go on a holiday which I need with my hectic job. Shortly I will have to take on an evening job or weekend job to make ends meet. I cant afford to buy new clothes or shoes and I am 47 and single. I dont have children so dont get all the benefits families do. I have a big mortgate but only have a small flat. If it gets worse I know I wont be able to cope..what then? Life is too hard these days!

Mrs Linda Wilkin
I am cutting down on every-thing. If I am on the computer, I do not watch TV and also the lights are hardly ever on. I cannot afford to do so. I am on a very tight budget. Also I will not have my heating on until it is really very necessary and I will be using a blanket to keep warm, instead of using too much gas for heating etc.

john (cherryhinton)
if you want to save on the cost of newspapers go to your local library where they have a full range of newspapers and they are fully heated.let someone else pay your heating bill why you are reading.

john cooke
i am useing my car less and am useing my free bus pass takes longer but i am laughing all the way to the bank.

You are in: Cambridgeshire > credit crunch > Crunching down on credit...

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