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13 November 2014

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Ceroc in Cambridge

Ceroc in Cambridge

Ceroc-ing all over the world

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. BBC Cambridgeshire's Chris Osborne is not old nor a dog. But he's a rubbish dancer. Could a beginner's lesson with Cambridge Ceroc sort him out?

I'm always up for a challenge, no matter how hard, but when Cambridge Ceroc asked if I'd be interested in having a go at Ceroc-ing, it felt like the challenge of getting me to Ceroc 'n' roll might be more theirs than mine.

Also, my gym visits have become less frequent of late and Ceroc is, they say, a great way to get fit.

Ceroc Cambridge

Ceroc Cambridge

I can't dance. I can't even recreate movement that would in any way reflect an attempt at dancing. I move like a drunk meerkat at Uncle Meerkat's wedding to that lady meerkat who everyone is sure is only after him for his money.

So, it was with trepidation that both of my left feet entered Cambridge University Graduate Sports and Social Club with my colleague Sam Dalton.

The good folk at Cambridge Ceroc believe that it's possible to leave your first lesson with knowledge of four basic Ceroc moves. I think they were called the First Move, The Yo-yo, The Ceroc Spin and... I don't remember the fourth - but apparently I should be able to do them.

I spoke to the teacher Becky before stepping on to the floor. She made it sound very simple: there's very little foot movement, you can do it to any music and it doesn't matter what kind of shoes you're wearing.

No chance

Suddenly, I felt more confident. That is, until the first move was displayed.


Take to the floor

It's very difficult to explain how I felt as I watched the gliding gracefulness of our teachers. I simply couldn't remember what they had done - and why should I remember? I knew where to start and where to finish but anything in-between was a distant hope.

One of the sociable - yet terrifying - things about dance classes is that they make you change partners. It's bad enough feeling like a concussed giraffe in the presence of a friend, let alone with someone you've never met before.

I couldn't help but feel like I was holding everyone back. There was actually one moment when everyone else in the room performed a move before Becky had even shown it. I stood there holding my miffed partner like she was an award bestowed upon the biggest clot in the room.

Taxi dancers

Soon enough there were some more intimate sessions with what are called Taxi Dancers. Just like a taxicab Beverly and Bob were on hand to sweep over and help anyone who looked like they were in dire straits - and what a help they were. After a lot of hard work and concentration (you can tell I'm concentrating because I stick my tongue out) it seemed like I was getting it.

All in a spin

All in a spin

A slightly strong discussion with Sam about how I should be spinning her, put her in her place - after all, I am supposed to be taking the lead - and before you knew it I was throwing my partner around like a human-shaped Frisbee.

So, the final test. A dance with the teacher, Becky, to see how I had come along. How did I do? I did well, I think. Becky was surprised that I had learnt all four moves. She was either being nice or had seen how ridiculously bad I had been at the beginning of the night.

Ceroc 'n' roll

After the classes there's the opportunity to ask anyone to dance with you during the freestyle session, so I took back to the floor with confidence a-plenty. As someone who has never had any interest in dance, it kills me to reveal how much fun I actually had.

It's likely that I'm going to be going back next week. I'm also told that Ceroc's great for getting fit - as well as helping those who don't have twinkle-toes to get their shoes clicking with confidence.

So, from now on, I'll be strictly stepping out with a bit of a flutter, and hopefully becoming fitter for it.

last updated: 18/09/2009 at 09:35
created: 12/12/2007

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Have you tried Ceroc? What do you think? Any other dances we should give a go?

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Patti Amos
Ceroc's OK a bit like Merengue, but if you get bored with it try salsa, similar moves but with footwork, more exciting and great Latin music!

Jane Sheehan
I have been ceroc dancing three times and absolutely love it. I recommend it to anyone!

Have you tried Lindyhop / Jitterbug?Excellent fun and an authentic dance to do at those Hangar dances!

Totally enjoyable evening and what could be better than attractive nicely dressed ladies to dance with all night. Meet new friends have a laugh, beats the tv any day!!

Foot-Loose are a modern jive class with classes in norfolk & suffolk - they are fantastic!

Ceroc changed my life -great exercise, easy to learn and good way to meet people.

Philip Shaw
Some men think dancing is just for girls. Ceroc is as energetic as playing football but football is 90 mins; Ceroc is 3 hours. And Real Men like having a pretty girl in their arms...

I have tried Ceroc and love it. I've attend local Modern Jive venues. I tried Salsa and classic ballroom, but don't find either of those a versatile or as much fun as Ceroc/Modern Jive.Keep it up--the more you do it the more you'll enjoy it!! One tip--don't rush the beat. I'd rather dance with a guy that can lead 4 moves well and stays with the beat (giving me time to complete my move) than one that thinks they know a gazillion moves but can't do one of them correctly and/or rushes the beat!!Hope to get a dance someday, Jacki

You are in: Cambridgeshire > Features > People Like You > Ceroc-ing all over the world

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