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13 November 2014

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Max in training.

Eyes wide shut!

Eyes wide open!

That well known celebrity, Max Rushden (who looks nothing like Tom Cruise), is about to send shockwaves through the streets of Cambridge in a stunt that can only be described as 'utter madness'...

Q: So, first off, tell us who you are and what you're doing?
A: My name's Max and I'm sitting on a chair!
Q: Right...and what is it you do?
A: I'm a radio reporter and presenter.
Q: What are you proposing to do on Sunday 14th November then?
A: [Slightly indignant]...I wouldn't say 'proposing', I'd say 'roped into'! We're trying to break the world record for the longest radio show, which is a 120 hours long.
Q: Why?
A: We are going to raise money for Children in Need and I'm trying to get famous [the boy's honest!].
Q: So how exactly are you going to raise money?
A: I don't know! [Thinks very hard] Hopefully, people are going to kind of ring up and sponsor me in a kind of sponsor way? Well I don't know do I! It's not the kind of thing I'd normally do is it, sit there for 120 hours and do a radio show so I'm hoping that people will go 'wow that's a good effort, we'll help you raise money for poor starving children'.
Q: Yeah, but how? Do they give you their credit card numbers, do they chuck it in a bucket, what?!
A: [Pretty exasperated now] Look, I don't know! You'll have to ask the producer Rory. I just stand there and don't fall asleep. That's the whole point! That's all I'm here for. Yes, all that stuff's up to the team [Max, a prima donna? Never!]…all I know is that we're live in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge and it starts on Sunday 14th November at 2.55pm…I think (we haven't done the maths yet!)…with the aim of finishing on Friday at 4pm. So, basically, I'm going for a week without sleep and basically the whole thing fills me with dread and makes me feel really tired whenever I think about it.
Q: What else will you be doing?
A: Well, obviously I'll need to wash, go to the loo and do all those things. It's five days y'know [said somewhat heroically].
Q: So, what will folks at BBC Cambridgeshire be doing for a week then?
A: Ahhh, well, we'll be broadcasting on 1026 MW, and there will be normal BBC Radio Cambridgeshire output on FM 96 and FM 95.7, it'll just be me taking over on 1026 MW.
Q: And, how are you going to keep awake for all that time?
A: Well, there's always going to be one of the big bosses from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire here all the time [that'll be incentive enough then], and they've threatened to bring in a cattle prod for me [that'll do it!]…and then it's down to lots of food and coffee (although I don't like coffee!).
Q: So, biggest worry, would be…er…the toilet facilities?
A: Gosh, yes, it'd be awful if I lost the world record because I was doing a pooh wouldn't it? [nervous laugh]. It's ok though, because I can play a song up to six minutes and I think I can just make it in that time! [We're very relieved!]
Q: And finally, if you fall asleep what happens then?
A: Well, if I fall asleep then presumably I'm just gona get some days off! BUT, but, obviously, I'm very enthusiastic, would love to raise loads of money for charity and want everyone to give me money for Children in Need…because, it's only a week of hell for me, after it I can go back to a nice life and perhaps for the people that we're raising money for it's not quite that easy…[he's just all heart after all!].
Q: So, if you want to see Max Rushden in the flesh and gunning for the loo, pop along to the Grafton Centre from the 14th November onwards. Give him a request, tell him a joke or perform a big belly dance…anything to help keep him awake! Most importantly, help him raise some cash for Children in Need.
A: :)

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created: 08/11/2004

You are in: Cambridgeshire > Features > People Like You > Eyes wide open!

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