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24 September 2014

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Copyright 2003 Adrian Judd
Rome Burns

Rome Burns in conversation...

Emma Borley
Rome Burns is not a Russell Crowe sequel. It's three guys and a drum machine kicking a goth sound in and around Cambridge with attitude...

A little bit more on Rome Burns...

The Drum Machine gets lots and lots of fan mail!

Simon's the lead vocalist, poet, writer and DJ and originally hails from Malaysia.

Daevid's the guitarist and main teaser / programmer of Gregor (aka The Drum Machine).

Nevla's the other guitarist and a fine tart to boot!

What do you each do in the band?
Simon - "Vocalist, do as little as possible."
Daevid - "Guitarist - sometimes do backing vocals and I also create a fair bit of music as well."
Nevla - "I do guitars and occasionally a bit of computer!"

Who're we missing?
"Well, Gregor is our drum machine! [lots of mirth here!] - who does get fan mail and lots of disgusting spam mail too!"

So, Simon, what's 'hand-jiving' (listed as one of his interests)?
"What, was it a bit before your time?  Handjiving (demo's in a kind of Grease film type of way)!"

Ahhh, thought it was that, just wanted to classify it wasn't a weird sexual thing?
"No, you're not missing anything!"

Copyright 2003 Adrian Judd
Daevid, guitarist

And Nevla, 'tarting' seems to be one of your hobbies…?
"Apparently, yes.  I do tend to do the whole stage, make up, lenses type of thing…'tight trousers' (offered from the other two)…lycra (corrects Nev with a slightly sheepish thing going on)…but not any more (said firmly and decisively)."

Why's that?
"I wore some lycra leggings once at a concert at The Boatrace and I…I…made a few fans that day…well, let's just say that the guitar could have been slung a little lower!  So now it's low-strap and pvc trousers."

And pants?
"Yes, very tight pants!"

Copyright 2003 Adrian Judd
Simon, lead singer

Well, this is how we kicked off with Rome Burns, who're a Goth band kicking it around in Cambridge and beyond.  Tight pants, spam and a drum machine kick-started our venture in finding out the burn behind Rome Burns. Together they've formed a tight unit who speak a neat short-hand only found amongst friends where they fill in the gaps seamlessly and overlap each other's chat in easy waves.  Relaxed and confident with those angst ridden teenage years behind them (sorry guys!), they're pretty ambivalent about the weird old thing called life and pretty focused on developing and nurturing their sound.

There's a story-telling lilt to the lyrics that define them sound-wise to the Goth market, but it's not a pigeon hole that they're rigid about and they describe their sound as a beauticious result of their diverse tastes and influences.  "We get bored easily and you can't keep writing the same song over and over again" - Simon confirmed.

The sound?  Take a listen (click on the link at the top)...

Copyright 2003 Adrian Judd
Nevla, guitarist
last updated: 22/11/04
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Suusi M-B
I have seen Rome Burns a couple of times, and I am hooked. Non Specific Ghost Stories is made a good xmas present. Well worth getting

Got the CD, the T, and seen them live through out their 'careers' - allways entertaining & quality music with indiviuality of style. Excellent delivery of thoughtful lyrics. Wechsler - the moral is if you have nothing to say, say nothing

oooh! naming your drum machine, how simply WILD! (at least it was 20 years ago when both the sisters of mercy and echo and the bunnymen did it....)

Wechsler (Rome Burns webmaster)
And the moral of the story is to *never* let the webmaster write your biographical info... Seriously though, these guys are fine musicians and deserve great things. Go download the sample tracks and enjoy.

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