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28 October 2014

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Frank at Rockinbeerfest
Frank Hamilton - on stage at Rockinbeerfest

Sam does Rockinbeerfest

The county's biggest rock festival came to Huntingdon in August, and Sam was there to shmooze with the stars...

Sam with Jean Jacques Burnel from The Stranglers
Enjoying the fun at the festival
Simon from 9foldpunch

I hopped in the taxi with all my food packed in my rucksack and made sure that I had lots of warm clothes as I could see the weather was looking bad, but I didn't care because I was heading off to Rockinbeerfest!

The first thing I did was get my pass, which was amazing because it was officially my first press pass. I carried my mic with me and headed to the main stages. People were putting up their tents, drinking beer and as about 2,000 people piled in the atmosphere was already great and it was only Friday. I sat on the grass with my friends and waited for the first bands to begin.

Unfortunately the weather got worse and it thundered like I've never heard before. OK, the weather was bad, I was drenched and was sitting in a marquee getting a bracelet made with my name on, but I had such a smile on my face as I love festivals. After the storm stopped, and bands began to play, I had a really nice evening, and was happy leaving, knowing that I would be returning the next day.

Saturday was such a better day weather-wise; I trekked into the festival with my press pass and straight away went to the unsigned tent where I saw Frank Hamilton playing, who was part of the RockTech crew. After he did his set I managed to have a quick interview with him, so check that out. I wandered to the front stage, where I sat and ate junk food - burger and chips - and had a henna tattoo done on my back – which is very pretty and now I want a real one.

I was preparing myself for the big event of the evening and my interview with The Stranglers, when a band called Project X began to play. They had a really good sound and as I was with the BBC – how cool - I managed to head backstage and catch up with these guys for an interview. OK, so that's two interviews done in the space of an hour, I needed a rest. I headed back to the burger bar and sat with my friends enjoying the sound, sun and atmosphere of the festival. Then a crazy Scottish band came on stage, and caught my eye. The band, The Ghosties, had a wicked sound and I ran over and got yet another interview. It was 4pm and I was ready to get my interview with The Stranglers. I headed to the front desk where they told me to leave my number and I would get a phone call saying I could go for the interview. Three hours later I was told I had to prepare for an interview in 20 minutes.

I was interviewing Jay Jay (Jean Jacques Burnel) from The Stranglers, and my nerves didn't get the best of me and the interview went really nicely - and Jay Jay is seriously a lovely guy. After that I headed back to the festival where I plonked myself on a blanket and watched the rest of the festival. The Stranglers played amazingly and I got in at 12.30 that night, feeling pleased with the day's interviews.

I knew it was the last day but Sunday's weather was still shinning and the atmosphere at the festival was just as fun. I was nervous today however, as my boyfriend Simon, from 9foldpunch was playing. The grass had become really muddy and I finally decided to be a true festival girl by just flinging myself to the floor and watching the bands. After interviewing The Stranglers the night before I was definitely on a high and just wanted to really enjoy the last day.

9foldpunch where on at 12.45pm and the festival became a lot busier which made me less nervous about their set. They played amazingly well, and really impressed the crowd. I wanted to interview the guys but thought I would leave them to pack up. Lots of bands played really well and I don't know whether it was because it was the last day but the festival became really packed and everyone was having a great time.

I managed to get 9foldpunch while they were packing up and had an interview with them. After the interview I headed back to my now 'local' burger bar and sat and watched more bands. I was sad to see the night and weekend ending but as I was so tired I was ready to head home. The weather, apart from Friday, could not have been better and it was definitely a weekend to attend!

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