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28 October 2014

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Project X
Project X - bucking the establishment

Rockinbeerfest welcomes Project X

Blast reporter Sam meets anti-establishment band Project X - and learns a thing or two about the music industry..

Project X
Sam interviews Project X
Project X

Project X @ Rockinbeerfest, Huntingdon
Saturday 21st August, 2004

Project X played Rockinbeerfest on Saturday and kept me really entertained with their set, so I knew I had to interview these guys. They had a lot of stage presence but also their music was of a different sound. It was almost like a mix of hip hop with rock and really reminded me of Aerosmith Featuring RUN-DMC "Walk this way". So I headed backstage and approached them asking for an interview. The guys were amazingly friendly and agreed. This is how the interview went with Project X…

The band – Randy Jay – lead singer, Michael – bass, Steve – lead guitar, and Yohan on drums.

How did you think of your name?
"Basically, Project X is like us fighting for our cause. So it’s like a project everyone has got, and it's got a different meaning for everyone. You might be sitting here getting this interview for the BBC, that’s your Project X. Our Project X is to be known by all the people, be a household name, making a living through our music."

What genre would you call your music?
"Keep it simple, it's rock hip hop. We sing, we rap - it's like a mixture of the two, it gets heavy, it gets lighter. It's just a mix."

Who would you call your inspirations?
"Big Prince fan, and David Bowie and Hendrix. Everyone in a band has different influences and stuff. I remember the first time I was really thinking about going down this route was when I was listening to Run –DMC and Aerosmith working together for "Walk this way" and I was really heavily into hip hop and that made me listen to all different kinds of music. I really got into the whole mixture of different bands."

How long have you been doing this for?
"This is our fifth year, it's just been a struggle from day one, but we just got our tour bus now and just from doing shows and stuff we just sold over 2000 albums at gigs alone. We definitely have what it takes to go out there and we give all we got and I think that is what people are going to respond to."

Have you got a CD out?
Yes we have, which is called Project X NEMESIS - the reason it's called Nemesis is no matter how big or strong a person is there is always someone who will defeat you. Basically four of us are coming together as a mighty blow to take down the industry and show them not to stereotype people. Just because you see what you see on stage, don't think that people won't like it because you have to give people a chance, and that's what we are doing. We are touring just so that we can give people a chance to see what we are about and so far all the responses have been positive no matter what type of music people like. They love the vibe that we have on stage.

What would be your ideal stage - say in three years time, where would you love to be?
What we do is one step at a time because right now without record sales, and paid gigs, things can die, and basically we want to be living through music. We are doing our second album in December called Our Reflections, 'cause this one's quite angry and stuff, because you know when you've had an argument and you say stuff you don't mean then the next day you reflect on the situation - then you decide what direction to go from there. That's what the second album is about.

Why should people buy your album?
People should buy this CD because it's got a lot of information about the industry and the do's and don’ts and how to basically make a living without going to the record companies. Let the record companies go to you, so if you want to know about the blueprint and guide of how to make a living in a band without going to the record company, buy the album.

How can people get in contact with you?
We have a website called and you will be able to download from it very soon.

This band truly knew their stuff, which you can tell from the interview. Their album is amazing and is truly worth buying. Check out their music on their website, and I really do hope these guys make it, they are protesting against the industry which puts a twist to their music.

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