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24 September 2014

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Lightning Jack
Lightning Jack

Lightning Jack

Blast Reporter Sam was at Aloud 2b Loud in Huntingdon to watch local band 'Lightning Jack'...

Lightning Jack
Lightning Jack
Lightning Jack

Sam - Blast Reporter

Lightning Jack @ Aloud 2b Loud, Huntingdon - Sat 14th August 2004

After interviewing the band 'After4', I was really hyped up to interview more. Then I came across 'Lightning Jack'. They strolled past me with their much laid back image and I managed to catch up with them after their set.

They played really well, with real rock action and a huge crowd developed. The lead singer sounded to me a lot like Brandon from 'Incubus' and I don’t know whether that’s an insult to him, but to me it’s a great compliment because 'Incubus' is one of my favourite bands.

As the singer moved back and forth singing the words, the drummer Louis managed to put real rock into the music by hitting his drums. They don’t really have an image as yet, as they have only really just set up but yet, how they present themselves on stage, they really do look like a band… I took a few snap shots and slowly walked away from the crowd so that I could catch them when they got off stage. As the hyped-up guys came off, I got an interview with the 17 year old local lads…

The band are: Louis – Drums, Nard – Bass, Kevin – Guitar, Ben – Vocals.

Who thought of the name Lightning Jack?
"Colette, it’s a film on Sky Movies, something like Crocodile Dundee, we just thought it was really funny."

What kind of music do you play?
"Classic rock influence, old school but still quite heavy."

What are your influences?
"Guns n Roses, Motley Crew. Ha ha."

Do you do any covers?
"We might do a Guns n Roses today, if the crowd want it then we will."

Have you played any big venues?
"We have only just started up, but we have already started playing locally in Cambridge at venues like the Man on the Moon."

Can you see yourself doing this in ten years time?
"Definitely, were making good progress, and getting good results."

How did you get together as a band?
"We were a group of mates from school basically, we thought we would give it a go, but we really enjoyed it so stuck with it."

Have you got an E.P/CD?
"We haven’t as yet, but I think someone is going to record today, so we are going to try and do a live CD."

Do you have a website?
"As we're just beginning we haven’t but hopefully we will set one up in the near future."

Do you have an image on stage?
"At the moment it's jeans and t-shirt, and then we are going for the spandex look!"

Finally, give us a summary of your band:
"We are the best, we're amazing and come watch us."

These guys were really nice, chilled and just want to have a good time, doing something that they really enjoy. For a band that have only just started they are getting good contacts, a great response and definitely entertaining the audience. Keep it up guys and I am sure you will get far. Look out for these guys, as I’m sure they will be playing gigs in Cambridge in the future.

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