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28 October 2014

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Black Wire

Up-and-coming young band Black Wire were strutting their stuff at the Man on the Moon in Cambridge... Blast Reporter Sam went along to find out what makes them tick...

Have a 'blast' this summer!
have you got a passion for music?
Samantha Stewart

Sam - Blast Reporter

Black Wire @ Man on the Moon, Cambridge - Wednesday 28th July 2004

"It was my very first interview as a Blast Reporter for the BBC and my nerves got the best of me as I travelled to Cambridge. I didn’t really know what to expect from Black Wire so I went on their website to get some background information and looked through pictures and their biography.

"I entered the Man on the Moon, which is a really nice venue, with a big stage and enough area for people to move around. I was standing watching the support bands when I came across Simon who walked past me. I knew it was him from the photos so I approached him and he gracefully said I could interview them. Their tour bus was of a great standard and the lads were really friendly which calmed my nerves. We sat down and after I accidentally trod on their dinner for the night, which consisted of sandwiches, (sorry about that lads) I began…

Who thought of the name Black Wire?
"We all thought of the name Black Wire, we put two words together that fitted nicely and thought Black Wire was a good name. We were going to have the name Black Love if it was up to Simon but Daniel and Tom were having none of it, and ended up with the name Black Wire."

How is the tour going?
"The tour is going really well, every gig has been absolutely amazing and anyone who reads this interview should come see us for themselves."

As I'm doing a report for youth, could you give some advice for young bands that want to get as far as you have?
"Practise, behave, and make sure you do your homework!"

What do you do during your spare time when you're not recording/writing/touring?
"We don’t have any spare time, the band is 24-7 life!" (Although Daniel somehow manages to fit in studying for a graphic art and design degree at University!)

How did you guys get together?
"Dan and Simon have been friends since they were eight years old. When they went to Leeds they met Tom and asked him to be in the band."

Are you enjoying being on the road?
"It’s wicked, everyone should go on tour."

Who are your inspirations?
"The Cribbs, a band from Leeds. Also The Cramps, The Specials, 80s Matchbox."

Do you get annoyed with each other?
"No, we're kinda like sisters doing it for ourselves."

Are you missing people from home?
"Yes, but we're getting a lot of support."

Have you played any big venues?
"Our third gig was at Leeds Met University. It's got a 1000 capacity, that was terrifying but the crowd was amazing."

You have supported the Libertines, that must have been amazing?
"Yeah, it was. The crowd were amazing, because there was such a complete range of people watching us. Everybody seemed to be into it, which was good."

Have you been in any magazine articles?
"Yeah, we have been in the Guardian and Boy George wrote an article about us in the Sunday Times. We got single of the week in NME."

What genre is your music?
"Rock, pop band… I’d rather not put a genre on it."

Do you have an image?
"We don’t try to dress, but we try to out-do each other by who can get the tightest jeans."

"The interview went well and I was happy with the results. The lads are really great and definitely have what it takes to go far. After the interview I sat in their tour bus and watched their first music video. It's truly amazing, and very entertaining, so watch your TV screen because you might be seeing Black Wire very soon.

"I stood at the front, so I could take some action photos but I did not expect what I saw. These guys were amazing, and their stage act was fantastic. I could not take my eyes off them as they kept the audience interested at all times. Daniel, who seemed like a down-to-earth guy went crazy on stage and his moves were great as he slammed down his mike and sang on the floor. Tom and Simon moved just as fast and had exactly the same stage presence which was fantastic as it made them all out as the front man. Their songs were such a mix and every single one had a different rhythm and beat. I would definitely recommend this band; they know what they're talking about and have the determination and talent to go far.

Black Wire are Daniel (vocals), Tom (bass) and Simon (guitar).

For more information on the band check out their website – and their single is out on Monday 23rd August called 'Hard to love, Easy to Lay' - well worth getting, the song is amazing!

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