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24 September 2014

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Boxer Rebellion
Boxer Rebellion

Biffy Clyro & Boxer Rebellion at the Junction

It was a Monday night and Sam Stewart was off to the Junction to review Biffy Clyro and interview Boxer Rebellion...

Biffy Clyro
Biffy Clyro
Sam Stewart

Biffy Clyro and Boxer Rebellion @ Junction, Cambridge, October, 2004

It was a crazy night, my first interview after spending the summer as Blast reporter and I got slight nerves again. I walked to the amazing Junction and got through and went straight backstage – I’m so lucky, however the security said it would be best if I had the interview after the band's set. So I got myself a great space at the front and was ready for an eventful night.

The support bands were great and really got the atmosphere going and as the night went on the crowd got bigger. Biffy entered the stage with an amazing start and the crowd went wild. I’m sure I’ve used this phrase before but i'll say it again, "If you can’t handle the mosh get out of the pit" and I really had to, it was heavy and I got scared! But Biffy managed to make the night fantastic and really kept everyone entertained. There was such a mixture of people there from male to female to 14-25+ the band played a mixture of songs from past and the present album and all went well with the night.

Towards the end of the evening I grabbed my recording equipment and headed back stage were I was greeted by the support band's manager. I really liked this band and they made a great impact to the audience and recently just being signed meant that they were ready to rock the stage with their awesome music. We sat in their tour bus and began the interview; it went a little something like this…

How do you think that gig went?
I really enjoyed it, I thought it went well, some of them seemed to know our stuff which is cool, I thought it was really good because it’s more of our kind of audience and I thought it was a great way to get more fans.

Yeah, you definitely played a great set…
Yeah, I mean some of the songs were up and down but I think some of the songs that I think maybe didn’t get the same response because the other songs are songs that you have to hear a couple more times but no I thought it was really good.

The piano piece was really nice, how is the touring going with Biffy?
Well tonight was the first gig with them, we met all the guys today and they are extremely nice guys and we’ve all had the same producer which is weird but great, and our producer has done our album and all of Biffy’s - so its great.

How do you think the tour's going to go with Biffy?
Meeting Biffy and hearing Biffy has made me so excited. If the crowd is going to be like this every night then I’m so exited. There a great band to be with and when someone loves their music as much as they do its amazing.

What advice would you give to bands trying to make it?
Patience but also confidence in what your doing and have confidence in your music and just be really patient.

You're a signed band yes?
Yeah we're a signed band, we signed our major deal in April to Mercury.

I wish you guys the very best, good luck with the tour.

That’s how it went, all very good and I wish these guys the very best and hope they achieve everything they want to achieve. They're great guys and if you can make it to one of their shows with Biffy I would truly recommend!

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