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28 October 2014

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9FoldPunch were playing at Rockinbeerfest in Huntingdon - and Sam Stewart was there to grab an interview!


9FoldPunch @ Rockinbeerfest, Huntingdon - August 2004

"I love these guys, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them but I definitely follow them wherever they go whether it's London or Rockinbeerfest. At 12:45 9Foldpunch had a 45 minute slot and I became really nervous for them. I personally know them as I'm with the lead singer Simon (ooo get me!), but when it comes to them on stage, it’s all very professional and they are there to entertain and spread their name.

"They began their set with 'Eleven', their instrumental song where they can really show off their talent. The crowd seemed to love them, and more people were heading to the front. As the set progressed the crowd were really enjoying them. You can’t not recognise these guys on stage as they wear leather, Christian Dior Jackets and flairs usually catch the eyes of many people.

"Playing their own music, and getting inspiration from the likes of Hendrix, The Ramones, ACDC to modern music such as Sum41 these guys have a unique sound. The band got the crowd going, and after a 45 minute jumping set I managed to get a quick interview with them before they had one with Radio Caroline. The interview went something like this…

How long have you guys been together for?
Must be coming up about 2 years now.

How’s it all going for you?
Yeah, it’s good to be doing this festival, and we got a new album out which is selling really well. The new album is called 'suddenly out of nowhere', it's out in Nemesis records in St. Ives or you can order it from our website, so it’s easily available for anybody who wants to buy it. It costs £8, 16 tracks, 50p a track.

Is this your second album?
Yeah, However we're calling it our first album, we had an EP out this time last year but this one is a lot more professional, new recording and there is a lot more production.

What would you say is expected of your new album?
It’s quite poppy, and really easy to listen to, it’s quite punk rock.

Who would you say your inspirations were?
The Ramones to ACDC to Sum41. We have been compared to The Buzzcocks a few times and I feel that is quite a far comparison.

Where would you like to be in a couple of year’s time?
We would love to be at Leeds and Reading festival playing main stage, that would truly be amazing.

As you’re a local band from this area, what advice would you give to other bands trying to make it?
Don’t try to go too big too quickly, try and build your way up, don’t try and start on big events. The way we have done it, is we made a lot of mistakes, we have done things the hard way and we’ve learnt as we’ve gone along. Just take advice that you get and if people put you down just come back twice as strong and just realise that you’re the best and that if you think you can do it and you believe in yourself then you will succeed.

How do you think your gig went today?
Yeah really good, after a month of being away on Holiday and having a break to come back today and perform how we did I’m really happy, the audience seemed to really enjoy it and we sold CD’s which means people enjoyed our music, so that’s the main thing.

Have you got your own manager/record label?
Yeah we have a manager and we're also a signed band now with a local record label called “my nemesis” and it’s paid for the production of the CDs, recording and we are grateful for it all.

Have you got a website for people to find out more about you and your gig line up?

Yeah, its

When’s your next gig?
3rd September over in Bishops Stortford. It’s quite a distance but we are starting to get around and spread out more, which is what we want.

Would you say you have an image on stage?
We like to think so, it does make a difference as a band, it’s good for the audience to have something to look at and remember visually as well as the music to go with it and it just really adds to the stage show. It’s all about putting a show on at a gig, as well as reciting your songs. It makes things more fun on stage and for people to watch and it’s a bit more interesting to look at. It doesn’t take anything away from the music it’s just a combination of things, an image, the crowd and the performance.

You planning on touring next year?
Definitely, tours are a complicated thing to arrange, whether we tour with another band or on our own, we're yet to decide but that’s definitely an aim for us.

Can you see yourselves going your separate ways?
Breaking up is not an option with us, we stick together and we all have the same aim. Until we sell our first 30 million, we are not breaking up. (Giggles.)

How often do you practise?
We practise every week, if not more when we have a gig coming up.

Why should people come and see you?
We're full of energy, excitement, entertainment and laughs.

The lads played a really good set, with a variety of songs from their new album. While Oran plays his amazing drum solo the other three change outfits to put a bit more humour into their set. Oran’s drum solo really impressed the audience and people became more involved with their set.

The lads did their 9foldpunch salute and I turned round to find the crowd doing it back at them, which really meant the crowd were enjoying their set. You have to see these guys to truly understand where I’m coming from, but working as hard as they are they deserve to make it.

To find out more about them check out their website and go to a gig, I promise you will become a fan!

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