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Peter York on French fashion

York describes the way French fashion has adopted the 'style anglais'

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Jeremy Hackett describes tweed coat

The details which make up a classic tweed jacket

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Jeremy Hackett design

How Hackett are reinventing the traditional tweed for their shops

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Jeremy Hackett on Country Life suit

Hackett describes the tweed suit he made to commerate the country magazine

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Jeremy Hackett 25 years on

Hackett reveals the company's 25th anniversary design

Hackett and British style

Jeremy Hackett, the founder of the well-known Hackett brand, began buying up tweed in the 70s and selling it to a friend in Paris (the French have had a lasting love affair with tweed, known as the ‘style Anglais’). Trends have moved on, and where Harris tweed formed a working man’s coat in the thirties and forties, Hackett has been taking up old vintage designs and remaking them for a more upmarket crowd. Hackett have also developed specially customised tweeds in collaboration with Country Life to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary.

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