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The rise of Adidas

How Wade Smith brought Adidas to the Casuals

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How times change

How quickly the casual look evolved

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How the brand was adopted by the Casuals

Big Names on the Pitch


Adidas was one of the most prominent and sought-after brands on the casual trainer scene - and nobody knows trainers better than former Blackburn casual Gary Aspden. Aspden has taken his passion for clothes off the terraces and into his study of fashion. He now works with Adidas helping shape their product design and marketing, continuing the German brand's legacy on the streets.


Founded in 1856, the classic Haymarket Burberry check became a fixture in the wardrobe of thousands of casuals in the 1980s. The upmarket gabardine image with which the label launched was soon drawn into the tangled world of the football hooligan, and became a badge of prestige among hoolie gangs.


The French apparel label of Lacoste with its signature alligator logo was a hot favourite on the casual scene. The famous founder, Rene Lacoste, launched the company in 1933 off the back of his tennis career. The casuals kept up the trend, exploring the "sports casual" style over a decade before Alan Partridge!

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