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Pete Yak on trainers

The changing style of street feet

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The Casual look

Pete Yak reminisces about how he dressed

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Casual dressing

Jay Montessori describes key items from the early casual style

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Casual footwear in the 70s and 80s

The brands they wore on their feet

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The Bubble jacket

Jay Montessori on the Casual affection for the likes of Berghaus

Accessorising Casuals

The casuals were obsessed with designer labels but the look wasn’t dictated by a media trend. The style evolved on the football terraces and would change rapidly and regionally; it was all about keeping up with the tribe and impressing your mates.

Despite Britain being in a period of financial depression when the casuals appeared, they made sure they had the money and clothes to keep up with the styles sweeping Britain’s streets. Features of the Casual look changed swiftly, but encompassed:

  • Sporting fashions such as tennis, golfing, ski and sailing wear
  • Brands such as Pringle, Peter Storm, Berghaus and Ellesse
  • Italian labels such as Fila, Tacchini and Kappa were hugely popular in the 80s as fans started travelling abroad to football games.
  • Iconic designer labels such as Giorgio Armani and Marco Polo.
  • Adidas Forest Hills, Adidas Munchen, Diadora, New Balance and Gazelles, as well as the iconic Kickers and Fila boots.

Our Casual dresser:

Jay Montessori is a Tranmere supporting casual from the 80's. Jay now works in the fashion business and is currently curating an exhibition of casual gear to be opened in Liverpool later this year.

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