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Amanda Harlech, Galliano's muse
Amanda Harlech, Galliano's muse
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Amanda Harlech on Galliano's first collection

Galliano's muse remembers the historical influences in his designs

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Anna Wintour on Galliano's influences

The Vogue editor talks about the crucial value of research and travel in designing

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Stephen Jones on working with Galliano

Galliano's chief head wear designer recalls the influences on his unique collections

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Malcolm McLaren on Galliano

McLaren tells the story of meeting Galliano and realising he had influenced the designer

Westwood's Influence on Galliano

With her effervescent taste for fashion, Vivienne Westwood set a path for a whole new generation of fashion rebels. Her inspired creative freedom, allegorical collections and fusions of historical and ethnic dress and cut had a huge influence on John Galliano and his early collections.

Galliano has a romantic and eccentric sensibility in his design, which emerged from the New Romantic club scene. His graduation collection from St Martins was enough to get him noticed, drawing on a bedrock of historical references from the French Revolution. These clothes were an exaggeration of a form of historical menswear also used by Westwood as a reference-point for her ‘Pirates’ collection, but Galliano reinterpretetd the look and made it his own. This first collection demonstrated Galliano’s “magpie” inspirations, alongside his sophistication of cut and extraordinary ability to create entirely new silhouettes, which remains the distinguishing trademark of his clothing.

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