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Paul Smith's Covent Garden shop
Paul Smith's Covent Garden shop
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Paul Smith on his style

The concept behind his 'classic with a twist'

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Paul Smith on becoming a designer

The story of how Smith came into the industry by chance

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James Sherwood on Paul Smith

His thoughts on the most successful British tailor

Paul Smith

The striking flashes of colour and pattern that leap out from his immaculate designs typify Smith's unique attitude to tailoring.

Since opening his first boutique in 1970s Nottingham he has built an entire lifestyle brand, with his eclectic visual motifs covering everything from pens and filofaxes to clothing and furniture. Smith's business empire designs clothes that feature the hallmarks of traditional high end tailoring - such as attention to detail and quality fabrics - but presented with a distinctly quirky character.

Playing with stereotypes of ‘Britishness’ such as floral designs, cricket jumpers and stripes, Smith brings them into the realm of fashion with playful touches of detail. Often this will be interpreted in the detail of suit linings by making them floral in design and brightly patterned or making each shirt button a different colour. Smith has since coined his phrase ‘classics with a twist’ to define the personality of his tailoring.

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