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Michael Caine on Dougie Hayward's character

A tale of Caine and Hayward became firm friends

Douglas Hayward

Decidedly unstuffy, Douglas Hayward was more commonly known as Dougie to the patrons of his shop. He set up at 95 Mount Street in 1967, a decisive move away from Savile Row, which was out of step with his working class childhood. Just as his demeanour put men of all backgrounds at ease, his suits were relaxed and comfortable with an air of gentlemanly distinction.

A genial host and renowned raconteur, he's said to never have told the same anecdote twice and his shop was treated like a social meeting space where stars including Peter Sellers, Michael Parkinson and Michael Caine would meet to catch up.

A Dougie Hayward suit became the wardrobe staple of the 60s showbiz set, who became good friends as well as valued customers. Indeed, his suits made such an impression on the young Michael Caine that he would spend huge amounts on refreshing his wardrobe with new Hayward suits. The pair continued to foster their relationship with Hayward having a huge creative input in the clothes Caine wore in his most famous roles, including his iconic beige suit he wore as Charlie Croker in The Italian Job.

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