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Michael Caine introduces the BBC's Ken Russell Festival in 1968.
Michael Caine introduces the BBC's Ken Russell Festival in 1968.
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A Dougie Hayward obsession

Michael Caine descibes his growing obsession with cleanliness and clothes

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The Italian Job

Michael Caine muses over the suits Dougie Hayward made him during his career

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Jane Shepherdson on new talent

Jane explains Topshop's relationship with new designers

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James Sherwood on Michael Caine's style

Describing Caine's exquisite screen suits from Dougie Hayward

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Michael Caine on playing Charlie Croker

Caine recalls wearing the classic suit from the Italian Job

Michael Caine

Michael Caine's career has not only established him as one of Britain's most revered actors, but as a distinguished style icon. Classic films such as the Italian Job and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels made him synonymous with sharp dressing - and more recently he's adopted an immaculate butler's uniform as Alfred in the latest Batman movies. His love of fine tailoring extends offscreen and he's a Dougie Hayward obsessive.

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