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Fred Astaire relaxing in retirement
Fred Astaire relaxing in retirement
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James Sherwood on Fred Astaire

Sherwood describes the screen icons which Anderson & Shepherd tailors embraced

Fred Astaire

If you ever thought suits were stuffy and hard to move in, one look at a dance routine by Fred Astaire would change all that. The American Academy Award-winning film and Broadway stage dancer, choreographer, singer and actor was nearly always seen sporting a top hat and tails throughout his glittering career.

Astaire nearly always favoured Savile Row tailors, Anderson & Shepherd who produced a very natural cut with little padding. When combined with a small arm hole on the sleeve, it gave the performer a full range of movement when he danced.

Astaire was associated with his smartly tailored stage identity and became a fashion icon for his top hat, white ties and tails. Off screen, however, he favoured dressing down in sports jackets and slacks - using a tie in place of a belt.

As actress Audrey Hepburn said: "He had style. His clothes were always very casual, and terribly, extremely elegant, because he had such taste. Was he good-looking? I think so, because charm is the best looking thing in the world, isn't it?"

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