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Roger Moore's take on British style

The look and key figures behind quintessential Britishness

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Salman Rushdie on British historical dress

Rushdie recounts the British fondness for dressing up through the ages

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John Pearse on Britain's uniqueness

The designer muses on why there is such a rich heritage of design in Britain

Island Mentality

It is often said that Britain’s unique style springs naturally from our island mentality. A distinct British "character" identifies us across the world, though it's hard to define a key ingredient signifying our look or influence. From the days when we dressed in suits of armour to Savile Row, James Bond and Tommy Nutter, the significance is in the individuality and passion with which style is approached. At the heart of British style's success is the unparalleled ability to combine centuries of heritage and tradition with a new imagination, creativity and a deep sense of individuality.

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