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Michael Caine on Burtons

Caine recalls wearing the old Burton suits

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John Pearse on Burtons

John remembers his family in Burton suits and what influenced his style


Until the 1960s suits were required attire for working men of all ages. Burton was the primary company who brought elements of elite tailoring to the masses. Combining designer integrity with cost-effective prices, the brand earned itself a place in the suit-making dictionary. It was founded in 1900 by Montague Burton, who married the industry of mass production to the tradition of bespoke tailoring in order to underwrite his promise of "a five guinea suit for 55 shillings".

Men wearing Burton have been a fixture of the British style scene ever since. Every generation has counted on the high street brand for looking good on a budget, including famous faces like Michael Caine, who lived in Burton suits before he earned enough to go to a tailor.

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