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Mary Quant on make-up

Mary describes how the models inspired her to create a make-up range

Mary Quant's Collections

Mary Quant’s designs were all about making clothes fun again. Coming out of the austerity of the post-World War II period, teenage fashions didn’t exist and young people were hungry for a style of their own.

Quant was the first to bring about this revolution by taking inspiration from children’s clothes. She loved developing childlike touches in her collections, though in such a way that innocence was turned on its head - often with a hint of eroticism. This could be seen in the way Quant’s buttons would often be done up the back of a dress or coat, so that the wearer needed help to take it off. Elsewhere her collections saw the popularisation of knee socks, mini skirts, coloured stockings, and the use of new materials and prints such as gingham, tartan, flannel and her famous wet-look PVC.

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