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Mary Quant on Twiggy

Quant describes how the model brought the clothes alive

Twiggy's Collection

Prior to being 'discovered', Twiggy wanted to be a designer and within the first 12 months of her modelling career she accomplished this dream, releasing Twiggy Dresses in September 1966. The range was expensive for the times and was also heavily influenced by Mary Quant and Courreges, featuring acid-drop colours and fabulous daisy prints with a distinct retro 20s feel. It was launched to the press in November 1966 via a range of photographs taken by Barry Lategan (whose photo had launched Twiggy's career as 'the face of '66'), and an advertising campaign using the slogan, 'It's a Twiggy world.'

At the start of 1967, 150 outlets in America had expressed an interest in the clothing range and Twiggy soon headed Stateside to launch the range. However, with little backing from American manufacturers, pirated copies flooded the market before the company could make the most of the early demand.

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