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James Sherwood on Henry Poole

A background on the first celebrity tailor who created the gentlemen's club atmosphere

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James Sherwood on Savile Row

Describing what makes the enduring appeal of Savile Row outlast all fashions

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Lindy Hemming on Savile Row tradition

The idea that a Savile Row suit was for life

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James Sherwood on Fred Astaire

Sherwood describes the screen icons which Anderson & Shepherd tailors embraced

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James Sherwood on Anderson and Sheppard

How the Sheppard cut came to dress Hollywood's finest

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James Sherwood on military suit

How Savile Row made the suits of battle for Britain's finest

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Savile Row's location

The story behind why this most famous of streets is located in Mayfair

Savile Row

Savile Row tailoring is one of Britain's most enduring traditions and treasured exports. While the quality of mass-produced, off-the-peg suits has improved while retaining a competitive price-point, this gentleman's club of enduring tradition, unsurpassed technique and style lives on.

A Savile Row suit is a potent symbol of authority and the global uniform of politics, business and society. Embedded in its fibres is a history of respectability dating back to suits of armour worn in battle. Each tailoring house was originally associated with a distinct kind of military uniform, such as naval wear from Gieves and Hawkes.

The air of respectability, quality and style that a suit gives its owner has helped seal its enduring appeal. The time-honoured tradition contained within a road just a few hundred yards long has acted as the epicentre for men’s fashion for over 200 years and remains a dominant force through its continued innovation.

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