Photography: London at Night

Jason Hawkes' amazing images of London and the Thames at night.

He likes shooting at night as it shows a whole new perspective of familiar scenes.

See Big Ben, the City of London, the Thames and Piccadilly Circus.

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  • London EyeClick to play slideshow
    The 443 foot-high London Eye situated next to Westminster Bridge.
  • Big Ben
    All four faces of 'Big Ben' - the House of Parliament clock tower - are illuminated at night.
  • City Offices
    Offices in the City of London ablaze with light as the 24/7 economy churns on.
  • The Gherkin
    Workers stay late at 30 St Mary Axe better known as 'The Gherkin'.
  • St Paul's Cathedral
    Christopher Wren's masterpiece, St Paul's Cathedral is now hemmed in by modern buildings.
  • The Gherkin
    Norman Foster's iconic building, 'The Gherkin' stands 591 feet tall.
  • Streets of London
    Popular streets are lit up as traffic toils through the night.
  • London Eye
    The London Eye is one of the capital's most popular attractions.
  • City roof
    A city roof in the dead of night, lit up as seen from above.
  • Trafalgar Square
    From above even Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square seems smaller.
  • Piccadilly Circus
    Piccadilly Circus is constantly illuminated by advertising.
  • The Thames at night
    The River Thames is one of the few blacked out areas snaking through central London.

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