Photography: Farming

Jason Hawkes' amazing images of farming around Britain.

From the air, Britain is an extraordinarily rural place full of large swathes of countryside and farming.

See the wide range of farming from poppies and rape seed to beef and bird raising.

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  • Rape fieldsClick to play slideshow
    Rape fields photographed from above.
  • Bird farming
    Bird farming as seen from above.
  • Cows
    A herd of cows on the move.
  • Crops
    A field of crops, the type indistinguishable from the air looking down.
  • Crop spraying
    A farmer sprays their crops.
  • Fields
    Green countryside as far as the eye can see.
  • Greenhouses
    From above it is hard to identify these as greenhouses.
  • Pigfarms
    A pig farm with a series of sheds radiating out from it.
  • Poppyfields
    The red poppies become a carpet of colour when seen from the air.
  • Rows of crops
    The symmetry of the rows of crops are interrupted by a very modern sight, power pylons.

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